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Tea Party Protest & Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) Friday, 7/17/09

Outside & Inside the Lion's Lair

I joined a protest at the Cleveland Office of U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) on Friday 7/17/09. Most of the people were either part of the Cleveland Tea Party or local 912 Project groups. There were between 2 and 3 dozen people involved with the protest on East Ninth in front of Erievew Plaza, where Senator Brown has one of his district offices, which is on the 17th floor. Although I have attended major TEA parties in March, April and July, I decided to attend this Tea Party protest event, which was aimed particularly at the issue of healthcare reform. The Democrats are ratcheting the intensity of their effort to nail America to the cross of Socialized Medicine.

Universal Healthcare, or ObamaCare, or whatever one calls this monstrosity, is an especially bad idea since nothing is being done about shortages of Medicare and Social Security. Why take on additional spending and why increase the debt and deficit even further? Why are the Democrats in such a hurry to foist another unneeded, unnecessary and wasteful program on the American people? Is their intent to CHANGE this nation into a godless secular socialist state the reason? The evidence really points to that being the major reason. Look at their nationalization of the auto industry, look at the bailouts of the banking and insurance industries, look at how they kowtow to the various labor unions, and look at their intent to redistribute the wealth through the horrific Cap and Trade legislation.

People held signs in protest for at least an hour, then at 12:45 PM the group went to Senator Brown’s office. The groups leader had previously made an appointment. We met one of the operatives in the district office. His name was Brad. He was an articulate spokesperson for the Senator. Because of the size of the group he invited us into the conference room. We interacted for at least an hour.

Many in the group were very angry with the direction our country is going and stated such. Socialized Medicine and Cap and Trade were the topics that fueled most of the debate. Several small business owners were present and indicated that they were very concerned about the expected tax increases and the negative business climate being created by the present Congress and Administration.

If I had to characterize the group that visited Senator Brown, I would have to describe the as average Americans, who were fed up with what the government was doing to the nation. There were nurses, immigrants, a wife of a physician, businessmen, businesswomen, retired, college student, housewives, small business owners. I believe we represented much of America. Many in the group represent families and other 912 project groups and other TEA Party groups. Our being there seemed to be like a Tea Party in action. It was a natural outgrowth of the Tea Party movement.

All across the nation various groups were meeting over the lunch hour visiting their representative’s offices to share their concerns about ObamaCare.

As I said already, Brad spent a good hour allowing many of those present to vent their deep frustration over the proposed nationalization of the American healthcare system. During the course of the exchange of ideas and concerns Brad intimated that the people present merely represented a minority of the opinions of Ohioans. He stated that we represented maybe 40% of Ohioans. I believe that our group represented over 60% of the population and positions of the people of Ohio. You cannot tell me that 60% of Ohioans favored TARP, the Stimulus Bill, the Bloated Budget, Cap and Trade and Nationalized Healthcare. No way.

Interestingly Sen. Brown’s rep could not definitely say what the Senator’s position on the Cap and Trade bill was. The Cap and Trade Bill was based on the fraudulent global warming based scheme to tax American individuals and businesses. All Cap and Trade does is enrich the pockets of Al Gore, Goldman-Sachs and other who stand to personally profit by it. It does scantly little if anything for the actual environment, especially since India, China and Brazil refuse to join the Cap and Trade foolishness. One woman, who said she was the wife of a physician, told Brad that her husband had said that Senator Brown had told him that Brown would vote for the Cap and Trade Bill. Brad said he was not told that by the Senator, who on several occasions in the past has opposed similar legislation. Another individual in the group commented that information on Senator Brown’s website seemed to hint that he would be supporting Cap and Trade.

Fox News, WJW TV 8, had a reporter present, but I do not think any footage was reported on the news as of Friday night.

Like the alleged President, Sherrod Brown and Ohio Governor Ted Strickland were elected more as a protest against the principle-less Republicans rather than for any of the Democrat's radical platform. The Democrats in Congress and the current occupier of the White House act as if they have an overwhelming mandate to CHANGE American into a socialist state. They do not. The big TEA Party and the small Tea Party actions such as the visit to our representatives are a reaction to the rush to remake America into the image of a tyrannical state in the mold of the former and godless Soviet Union.


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  1. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Back in 2006, Mr. Brown said he would introduce legislation to repeal NAFTA during the FIRST 100 days of his taking office. We are still waiting Mr. Brown.