Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You Go Michelle (Malkin, that is)

Matt Lauer interviewed conservative Michelle Malkin on NBC’s Today Show yesterday. The exchange between Lauer and Malkin was telling. The discussion regarded the recent U.S. Senate Judiciary vote that recommend Sonia Sotomayor be sent to the entire sent to be voted on for confirmation as Supreme Court Justice. Hat tip is due to for the following excerpt of the interview transcript. I was very impressed with Michelle’s quick wit and concise critique of Lindsey Graham.

LAUER: After the, the last election it was said that the Republicans need to broaden the tent, they need to reach out to minorities. Reach out to Hispanics. Is that, are those six "no" votes gonna hurt Republicans down the road?

MALKIN: No, because they were six principled votes AGAINST RACIAL PREFERENCES and the idea that somehow IDENTITY POLITICS has a place on the court of law.

LAUER: Why do you think Lindsey Graham voted in favor?

MALKIN: I think Lindsey Graham has a history of PANDERING to this idea that somehow the, the party should broaden itself for the sake of PANDERING TO DIVERSITY.

Michelle Malkin demonstrates that she is a ‘nice’ Ann Coulter, every bit as perceptive, brilliant, wise, and sarcastic. The things that Malkin said about Graham holds true for Ohio’s George Voinovich, Maine's Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, Indiana’s Dick Lugar and Arizona’s John McCain. All six are unprincipled pandering, wishy-washy, politically correct moderate liberal RINOs, who cannot be trusted as true conservatives on very many important issues.

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  1. George Rinovich voted to have a sexual orientation hate crimes amendment added to a defense authorization bill, but voted no on adding the Thune amendment to the same bill! (The Thune proposal was that states ought to honor other states’ concealed carry gun permits.)