Thursday, July 30, 2009

Take Back This Nation, part 3

I attended the Proclamation March this last Sunday afternoon at the Bulldogs Roadhouse Restaurant. This event was in support of the right to bear arms. The main speaker was Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul and likely candidate for the U.S. Senate in Kentucky in 2010. (The incumbent, Jim Bunning has just dropped out of the race according to Fox News.) I am not ready to endorse him yet, but probably will once I find out all of his positions on the issues. Anyone in Kentucky who wants to vote for him (or any other Republican) in the 2010 primary must be registered as a Republican by December 31, 2009. Great speech and answer session, Rand!

Speeches were also given by Ian Grumbine, Brenda Wehrman, and Kentucky Gubenatorial candidate Gatewood Galbraith. Tennessee Gubenatorial candidate Carl “two feathers” Whittaker could not make it.

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