Friday, November 27, 2009

Allow me the right to choose: Lightbulbs

This bumper sticker can be found & purchased at

Here's how the Superstore describes their newest bumper sticker, "Meet the first anti-Big Brother themed bumper sticker: "I'm Pro-Choice on LightBulbs" -- and what a time for it, as America's choice is on the edge of being ripped away when it comes to traditional incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lights."
The government wants to dictate to me how I light my home. The government needs to get out of my bedroom, den, kitchen, living room, basement, and closet. The energy 'efficient' bulbs are more dangerous (contain mercury) and produce less light than do traditional light bulbs. This is another case of the government wanting to control our lives. They think they know better than We the People what is best for us.
I think that the market is the best determinate of what product or process that are good for the consumer. Let the consumer choose. Government mandates rob the people of individual freedom. Government's role might be to provide information on the pro and cons of the various types of light bulbs, but that is it.

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