Thursday, November 19, 2009

Who is the Real Muslim?

I am getting tired of people, especially those who voted George W. Bush, sending me messages like “If you had any doubts that Barack Obama is a Muslim…” and saying “Aha! Now I have real proof that he is Muslim!” The emails come enclosed with a link to a video which is supposed proof, and an urgent message to watch it before it gets pulled from YouTube. I’ve been getting these emails for months. It makes me sick to see people get so excited about this as if they are really on to something important.

First of all, the statements are taken out of context. Barack Obama's references to Islam as “my faith” are past tense.

Secondly, most people who are getting so excited about this don’t believe a word that Barack Obama says. So why should they believe he’s telling the truth when he says that he is a Muslim? Set an unscrupulous politician in front any group of people, and he will say anything (including lies) to ingratiate himself to that group.

Thirdly, even if Obama thinks that he is a Muslim, that doesn’t mean that he is. Most of the people talking about this know that you can’t be both Christian and Muslim. That is an obvious contradiction. But this is not necessarily a contradiction in Barack Obama’s mind. That just isn’t how his mind works. I think Mahatma Ghandi was sincere (but wrong) when he said, “I am a Hindu, but I am also a Muslim, a Christian and a Jew”.

Fourthly, the true test of whether or not someone actually belongs to a particular faith is whether or not said person adheres to the teachings of said faith. Islam is a damnable heresy, but it has at least some standards of morality which its adherents are supposed live by. They are supposed to oppose dishonesty, homosexuality, infanticide, and immodesty. Barack Obama fails the test miserably. By saying that he is Muslim, they are giving him too much credit.

This just one aspect of the false dichotomy between the liberals and the so-called conservatives at the highest political rungs in our country. Obama’s religion is not Christianity and it is not Islam. Bush is not a Christian. They are both antichrists who, in the name of tolerance, want to swallow up all the world’s religions and make them into one religion which will actually be intolerant of any other religion, including true Islam and true Christianity. They are Fascists and/or Communists or some combination of the two. One can simply can this collectivism.

Most people sending out this email (rightly) think that Obama is horrible and (wrongly) think that Bush is an example of a God fearing Christian. If someone sends you one of these emails, please send them the three YouTube URLs at the end of this article.

The first of the videos below shows Bush kissing up to the Muslims in one of his speeches. The second shows a clip of him denying that Christianity is the only path to salvation and two gentleman then explain why this contradicts the Bible and their opinion of what Bush’s motives really are. The final video is a sad commentary on how people make so much of something that doesn’t mean anything at all, how politicians will kiss up to anybody, and how silly Bush looks in a dress!

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