Saturday, November 28, 2009

Climate change or is it Climategate?

Frozen Stiff Algore

Today the local newspaper, the Mansfield (Ohio) News-Journal, published an editorial, titled “Climate change is an accelerating threat,” which appeared originally in the Houston Chronicle newspaper under the banner, “As a crucial climate change conference nears, more evidence of a warming globe.”

I read this editorial with astonishment. The editors ignored the facts. They chose to beLIEve the global warming lie. They repeat falsehood after falsehood, which apparently is the prescribed tack of the Left. Repeat something often enough and you’ll convince many that a lie is really ‘truth’.

The Houston Chronicle editor(s) are very representative of the Leftist viewpoint and agenda. The Bible warned of a time when men will exchange truth for a lie. That time has arrived. First, there is no God. Then, pre-born human babies are NOT human beings, but merely globs of tissue. Now, we are being lectured about man-made global warming, global cooling, global gobblely-gook, or whatever!

At a time when America’s economy is tanking, foolish and/or destructive extreme environmentalism flourishes and infects the sensibilities of this nation. President Barry Soetoro alias Barack Obama is about to gallivant off again to participate in that erudite elite gathering of global warming alarmists in Copenhagen to espouse and inflict their venomous lies upon the nations of the world. Ironically, he stops in Copenhagen, Denmark on his way to pick up his highly undeserved Nobel Peace Prize in neighboring Norway.

In regard to the editorial content, I have a few remarks. First I would like to change the title found in my local newspaper from “Climate change is an accelerating threat,” to “Climate change ALARMISM and ADVOCACY is an accelerating threat.” That, I believe, states the situation more accurately. Here are the opening and closing paragraphs of this ridiculous and grossly inaccurate article:

"As world governments prepare for a pivotal conference in Copenhagen next month to map future strategy to contain global warming, and the U.S. Congress debates legislation to reduce carbon emissions, evidence continues to accumulate that the threat is accelerating . . .

"The latest developments should raise the political heat in Washington to produce workable legislation to reduce carbon emissions while propelling the U.S. into a leadership role in crafting an international agreement to limit climate change."

Yes, I agree that the Copenhagen conference is crucial. It is crucial that it fails. Otherwise, we will be taking one more step at loss of sovereignty for America. Carbon dioxide is NOT a pollutant as the delusional alarmists including Gore and Soetoro/Obama claim.

The only heat that should be raised in Washington, D.C. is the pressure on those representatives and senators who continue to advocate and vote for Cap and Trade and other unwise legislation that will continue to destroy our economy and manufacturing base. That is what the socialists behind global warming apparently want to do. They want to see America merged into some kind of global utopia, which would really be a global hell or global tyrannical state.

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