Saturday, November 21, 2009

Motion to Proceed with Socialized Healthcare Debate Approved by 60 Senators Tonight

Curious about how the healthcare 'reform' debate vote would turn out tonight, I watched CSPAN2 on the Internet. The vote was strictly along party lines. 60-39.

Senator Mitch McConnell said of the bill just prior to the vote on whether to proceed on the debate on H.R.3590, “(It is) a massive monument to bureaucracy and spending.” The vote tally which began at 7:55 PM EST was 60-39 in favor of the motion to proceed with debate on the bill. He said that a vote to proceed, which 60 Democrats chose to do, at their peril was a vote to do the following:

· To increase the tax burden of Americans in the midst of double digit unemployment
· To increase health insurance premiums
· To approve making deep cuts in the 10s of millions of Seniors who drastically need their Medicare benefits
· To continue the spending BINGE of Congress
· To place a great burden on our children to a future that they can’t afford

He said that that is what H.R. 3590 is all about.

All it would have taken to defeat this destructive and detestable bill was for one Democrat to stand on principle instead of pragmatic political get-along or get-ahead. No Democrat dared to stand up or against their leadership. Many will have to face the electorate next Spring and Fall, however.

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