Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Snuff Copenhagen, Stuff Cap & Trade!

Simply put, "Cap-and-Trade means higher taxes, lost jobs and less freedom." That is the basic message that Americans for Prosperity (AFP) has been making across America this year. Now AFP is launching a new television ad campaign called "Say No to Cap and Trade."

This new advertising campaign has a two-fold purpose, according to Tim Phillips, President of AFP:

“First, cap-and-trade legislation has passed the House of Representatives and the Environment and Public Works Committee in the U.S. Senate. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and John Kerry are plotting their next steps to take this job-killing, tax-increasing legislation to the full Senate. We've got to make sure their fellow Senators know that Americans are even more opposed to their scheme.

“Second, in just 13 days thousands of the most hardcore environmentalists and international bureaucrats will descend on Copenhagen, Denmark for the United Nations' 2009 Climate Change Conference - where the foreign U.N. jet-set will attempt to force a global warming mandate on American citizens. The (Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack) Obama Administration is sending a top level delegation to demonstrate their resolve to support climate change legislation like cap-and-trade. The national media is already fawning over the "world changing" possibilities of this Copenhagen climate change conference.

“During this Copenhagen conference, and all the national media coverage it will generate for the pro cap-and-trade side, we want to make sure the Americans hear the truth about what Cap-and-Trade would do to American families and businesses.”

For several weeks this blog has maintained a Countdown to Copenhagen Clock. It is located on the top left of the blog. The whole global warming hoax is much more dangerous economically, and Cap and Trade (tax) is next to worthless in thwarting a nonexistent man-made global warming threat. Cap & Tax based on an out rightly deceitful global warming fraud are essentially just another scheme to redistribute wealth – America’s wealth – by one of the most corrupt organizations on earth – the United (against America) Nations! In other words, it is socialists of the world united against We the People!
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