Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is this America's Exit Strategy?

Does America get off here?

If the radical liberal socialistic President and current Congress as constituted have their way the end of the road, our only exit will be fiscal, physical and spiritual collapse. The wild and reckless spending, which started during the Bush years, and sped up at a light-year frenzied pace by comparison under the Soetoro a/k/a Obama regime will eventually and inevitably lead to our demise as a sovereign and free nation.
Cap and Trade, the so-called economic Stimulus bills, the Bailouts, allowing bizarre amounts of Earmarks, debt-increasing Federal budget, the healthcare 'reform' scheme, these are all monstrous resource wasters and debt and deficit builders. They are unwise, foolish, destructive policies born out of a desire on the part of the Left to destroy the America of our Founders. These leftist desire to merge America into some kind of global utopia where the elite will rule and 'guide' the mob.

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