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Washington, D.C. Healthcare Tea Party: Anatomy of Revolutionary Action

Yesterday I posted several other photos of my trip to Washington, D.C. on Thursday. I went there to protest PelosiCare and to do what I could to stop this destructive bill, today I write about my trip.


Monday, November 2, 2009. I was driving my truck listening to Rush Limbaugh. He said something about a rally at the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, November 5th. Rush related information he received from Michele Bachmann. Earlier, I heard something about this on the Glenn Beck show earlier, but hadn’t paid much attention to it.

I listened when I heard Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-MN-6, said that Congress wasn’t paying attention to the calls and letters from the people regarding healthcare or much of anything else. She related that if we showed up at the Capitol Building in Washington, we could persuade Congress not to pass the horrible healthcare bill. I thought that it may be worth my going. I talked to my brother and a few others, but only my brother took an interest and expressed a willingness to go.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009. I delivered the load of steel that I was carrying. My brother heard on Glen Beck’s Radio Show that a bus was leaving from Mansfield, Ohio going to Washington, D.C. We rere prepared to drive on our own before we heard about the bus trip.

My brother found the information about the bus trip from, the website of the Mansfield North Central Ohio Tea Party Association, and reserved seats for us.

Wednesday, November 3, 2009. After having dinner with GregJaye at Denny’s in Mansfield, Ohio my brother and I boarded the bus for the District of Corruption (D.C.) just after midnight on Thursday.

Thursday, November 4, 2009. We arrived in Washington, D.C. at around 9:00 AM after the all-night bus ride. It was rough on us.


We took the Metro into Washington.

Once there we noticed a large police presence. After all weren’t we a part of the mob, the domestic terrorists labeled or libeled as such by Homeland Securtity?

We didn’t really know where to go and somehow ended up behind the Capital building. The police directed us to where the rally was being held, that was in front of the Capitol Building. A whole lot of people had already arrived there by 10:30 in the morning.

We stood there until we saw a well dressed group of Congressmen filing out of the Capitol building walking apparently toward where the speakers were about to make their presentations.


I was so impressed at the fact that the press conference or rally or Tea Party or whatever it was to be called started with prayer. It was a real prayer to a real God. A God who has been asked to leave the public arena by many of those now in control of our government.


The police, halfway up the Capitol stairs, carrying loaded M-16 rifles and had guns also impressed me. What was the ‘mob’ going to do, storm the Capitol?


Every speaker and speech was excellent. I was absolutely inspired, uplifted and encouraged by the messages. Both the content and truth spoken was all good.

Likewise, our 20-50K strong presence there in Washington and on such spontaneous and short notice encouraged the Congressional members much. It strengthened them to fight the Obama-Pelosi-Reid triumvirate’ socialistic power grab.

The Republicans humbly acknowledged that they did not have the votes to stop the leftist Pelosi and friends from passing any bill.

The Republicans in Congress could not defeat the healthcare ‘reform’ bill on their own. They needed the help of their fellow countrymen. My brother and I were part of the 20-50K Minutemen and Minutewomen who came to their sides on this glorious day.

The Republicans vowed to work on Democrats to sway them to vote against the hurtful healthcare ‘reform’ bill and other tainted legislation.

What was the motivation for this great and spontaneous event? Michele Bachmann had heard a decorated soldier speak about the unwillingness of Congress to do the right thing until they hear from the American people directly. Congresswoman Bachmann took up the idea and called for Americans across the country to rally at the Capitol on November 5th after the transforming elections of November 3rd where two Republicans blew away Democratic candidates for Gubernatorial seats in purple Virginia and blue New Jersey.

My brother and I were convinced that it was worth the effort to stop this awful monstrous healthcare bill. I gave up three days of work or $600 of earned income to go. However, the excursion was worth both our time and treasure, if it helped to stop the bill from going forward.


I was struck by the sight of the Conservative Congressmen and Congresswomen coming down form the hill to shake the hands and greet the people. It made me fell welcome. I felt good standing with these men and women against the likes of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


At the end of all the speeches and the Healthcare Tea Party, they prayed again. I was impressed with the fact that they prayed.


We were all invited to meet the Congress members in their offices. We were physically exhausted and because of the huge lines, and because we had to catch our bus at 6:00 PM we decided not to stand in line, but head back toward the Metro.

We feel, Lord willing, that the bill will be defeated and our efforts would have been worth the time, treasure and energy we expended.

I joined the U.S. Army twice. I fought against Communism in a foreign country. Now I did what I could to stop this attempt by Communists to take over our own government stealthy. Most Democrats and some Republicans are themselves part of the Communist, Socialist, Nazi threat to overthrow this nation. That is why I joined the Army decades ago, to stop Communism.


What we have now is a new Nazi takeover of this nation. Rush Limbaugh calls Obama, Pelosi and Reid new Nazis. "Nazi" in 20th Century Germany stood for national socialism, in 21st Century America it stands for national socialists. That is what we have here. This is what Obama is bringing to the United States.

The Bath Party in Iraq were Islamic Nazis. Saddam Hussein presided over a socialist government. This is what Barack Hussein Obama is attempting to do. Furthermore, he is wanting to take it internationally. not only nationally since he is a citizen of this world.

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  1. Interesting reading. I was never a political activist myself, but an issue such as this would probably move me too.

    Despite me being Canadian (and I do like our health care system), I don't think much of this so-called reform. And it's not just cos it contains suicide counselling for the elderly.

    Let's not forget it's only the 1st round you've lost. I bet it won't get through the Senate.

    Take care,