Friday, November 06, 2009

Sam, Mark Levin at Health Care Tea Party Washington D.C.

[Wastingaton, D.C.] I received a report Thursday afternoon from friend and fellow blogger, Sam, who along with his brother traveled to D.C. following a plea from conservative Representative Michele Bachmann and others. Sam described the event as impressive. It was around 3:00 PM and he was heading back to the bus that brought him to Wastingaton after an all-night ride from Mansfield, Ohio. Two buses left early Thursday morning and were supposed to return at 3:00 AM today, Friday.

He took photos of Mark Levin and others. I asked if he was able to get in to see any of the representatives’ offices (to urge them to vote no on the nationalized medicine, ObamaCare or PelosiCare supposedly to be voted on today or tomorrow or Monday. He said with the crowd of 30,000 the people were lined up at the doors of the various office building waiting to get in to see the various representatives. He and his group did not attempt to stand in line because of the limited time that they had.

Below is a YouTube video of Mark Levin’s powerful message he gave at the press conference.

Below is a YouTube video of Mark Levin’s powerful message he gave at the press conference.

The spirit of the summer Tea Parties and Town Hall Meetings & Protests definitely lives on.

Like the election of Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Obama, which turned out to be a string of broken, empty promises, and worse: hope deflated and change, a bloodless socialist coup. The Democratic version of healthcare reform we can expect is merely socialized medicine. That essentially is what ObamaCare or PelosiCare really is. Additionally, it is an attempt to destroy the best health care system in the world.

I could not travel to D.C. with Sam and his brother, however, I made a few telephone calls to two Ohio bluedog Democrats. Both national and district office staffs were non-committal as far as how the two Congressmen would be voting. Hopefully Sam's presence in Wastingaton and the calls and visits to our representatives office will pressure the vote on the present version of healthcare reform will be voted down, or not voted on at all!

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  1. You can see Jean Schmidt, the one to left in video of Mr. Levin smiling throughout his speech. But she voted for the bailouts! What a hypocrite!