Sunday, November 29, 2009

What a Creator, What a Creation!

Thanks Be To God! He Made the Heavens Right.

“The heavens declare His righteousness …” (Psalm 97:6). Righteousness refers to a person’s uprightness or just moral character. So how can we see God’s moral correctness and justness by observing the heavens? Colonel Sanders said of the food chain he founded, “We do chicken right”. He did chicken so right that he was practically a billionaire when he died. Many agreed with their money by purchasing his “finger licken good” chicken. Righteousness then would be doing what you do correctly.

When we look at the heavens, we can see that it was done correctly for life to exist on earth. There are four basic forces: 1. Gravitation, 2.The strong nuclear force, 3. The weak nuclear force, and 4. Electromagnetism. Each of these forces have their set strengths and if they were different, either higher or lower, life could not exist.

The sun loses its mass at a rate of 4,000,000 tons of matter each second, while the earth receives 3/10,000,000,000 of this in energy for itself. If this energy was reduced by 5% the earth would freeze up and all those living on earth would die. The mass of the sun is 744 times the mass of all the planets with the sun having 98% of the total mass of the solar system. Gravity then holds the planets in place as they circle the sun.

The nuclear force is what holds the nucleus of the atom together which is made up of positively charged protons & sometimes neutrons and they repel other nuclei which are also positively charged. This force does not extend much of a distance, only a few trillionths of an inch. When the nuclei of several atoms are forced together a thermonuclear reaction takes place. If the force of gravity were less the sun would not shine since the hydrogen atom must be crushed and heated to 10,000,000 degrees Celsius for a thermonuclear reaction to take pace.

The electromagnetic force is the electrical force between the electron and the nucleus of the atom. The electron is negatively charged and orbits around the nucleus. This is where electricity comes from: the movement of electrons from atom to atom. There is a magnetic field surrounding a conductor having a flow of electrons, which is electricity. The earth has this magnetic shield around it protecting life on earth from the high energy particles coming from the sun.

The sun is 865,000 miles in diameter providing a stable source of light, heat, and energy to sustain life on earth. Some stars are 40 million to 600 million miles in diameter and would provide too much energy for life on earth. Other stars are only a few thousand miles in diameter and would not provide enough energy for life on earth.

The earth and the planets are on the same plane circling the sun on nearly circular orbits. The other planets provide protection for the earth against any asteroid coming into the solar system.

When you drive down the highway there is a smooth surface wide enough for you to drive and other vehicles as well. A center lane stripe is in the center on the road and stripes on the sides of the road. As you drive you know that this road was built to be driven on. In the same way as one observes creation it is evident to all that there is a Creator.

“The Lord created the heavens: He is the one who is God! He formed and made the earth: He made it firm and lasting. He did not make it a desolate waste, but a place for people to live. It is He who says, “I am the Lord, and there is no other god”” (Isaiah 45:18 TEV).

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  1. The opening quote is exactly why I don't believe in an absolute young universe. The universe may be 6000 years old as measured by earth's time, but I do not believe that God set before us an illusion (the light in transit theory) before Adam's sin.