Thursday, November 19, 2009

Critical Healthcare Cloture Vote

I would urge everyone to send the following message to their Senators. Please act fast.

Dear Senator _______,

Last week the House of Representatives voted by a very narrow margin to approve a $1.3 trillion takeover of our health care. I urge you to oppose Sen. Harry Reid’s “motion to proceed” to this House-passed bill. One of my many concerns is that Sen. Reid will introduce a version of the bill that does not contain the Stupak-Pitts amendment to prevent federal funds being spent on elective abortions in the public option or to subsidize health plans that cover elective abortions. This amendment had overwhelming bipartisan support in the House, and its passage was critical to passage of the healthcare bill. Consideration of a healthcare bill that does not contain the Stupak-Pitts amendment would be contrary to the will of the majority of Americans, who oppose tax-payer funding of abortion. However, I further urge you to oppose any healthcare takeover bill. Congress does not have the constitutional authority or the moral authority to mandate that all Americans purchase healthcare insurance. Please work instead toward constitutionally appropriate government reforms that would have the effect of lowering healthcare costs – reforms such as allowing competition between health insurance across state lines; capping excessive malpractice awards; getting serious about Medicare reform; and allowing a dollar for dollar tax deduction for contributions for agencies that assist the underinsured.



Click here to find your Senators' contact info.

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