Monday, November 30, 2009

“We’ve got a Czar for that.” - The President

Hat tip to twitterer and blogger Dana Loesch who posted a link to the embedded video below and commented on her blog, “While speaking Saturday (at the St. Louis Tea Party?) I remarked how the (Soetoro aka) Obama administration seems like a giant iPhone commercial with a czar for everything.”

She added “Curtis the Conservative Teen and member of the St. Louis Tea Party Youth made this fantastic “commercial” illustrating such. He even got the music down!”

TheTeenConservative generated the
video. The YouTube description of the for TheTeenConvervative’s video reads, “A play on Apple's ads about the Iphone having "an app for that"... credit song to---Neopolitan Dreams by Lisa Mitchell.”

President Obama- "There's a Czar for That"

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