Monday, November 16, 2009

Green Religion: Doing the Work of the Devil

Green religion, as espoused by its pontificating propagandizing prophet, its girth expanding guru Al Gore, reminds me of regurgitated pea soup . . . it looks and smells bad . . . and is totally worthless. Hat tip to K.C. who sent a link the Judi McLeod’s 11/13/09 article, “United Nations Green Religion squeezing Jesus out of the House of God.”

Here are a few choice excerpts from this great article:

“If the United Nations has its way, Jesus won’t be found in church anymore. . . Jesus is being squeezed out of the House of God to make way for global warming/climate change proselytizing.

“Church bells around the world, which call Christians worldwide into church on Sundays, will join the din of drums and gongs to sound a UN ordered message 350 times on December 13 during the Copenhagen climate change summit. The church bells are a call to action on global warming. . .

“This mumbo jumbo magic was the setting for the birth of Agenda 21, the plan now forcing the United States of America and the rest of the Free World into One World Government. . .

“No mumbo jumbo . . . will save the world from the human misery about to be inflicted by this evil plan which robs nations of their sovereignty and makes serfs of the human population. . ."

Ms. McLeod’s concludes her article with this wise assessment, “Thanks to the greening religion ministers and priests of Christian churches, your soul isn’t worth saving, rescuing Mother Earth from climate change is.”

Here is another good reason to encourage your U.S. Senators to vote against any Cap and Trade (Tax) bill that might come before them in the near future. Al Gore’s global warming elixir will lead to America’s ruination along with its loss of sovereignty. Made-caused global warming is a hoax. Carbon Dioxide is essential for life on earth. It is not a pollutant as the egregious Gore claims.


  1. This is, by adult standards, an incoherent rant. If one of my students wrote something this disorganized and disconnected -- no matter what the subject -- he would get a very bad grade indeed. No degree of grammatical correctness can make up for writing with thought that lacks coherence and connection.

    First, this starts out making up a new term of its own "green religion" -- without explaining or defining or offering any argument to support this idea. Then it immediately veers away from religion to, of all people, Al Gore. Then it veers randomly through the brainfolds of the author into his bad memories of pea soup. Then we jump to some article from some rightwing source about the United Nations.

    No real connection between these things is established at all; in fact, no attempt is even made. Indeed, no justification, explanation, argumentation or evidence is ever offered: just stream-of-consciousness zip-zapping. Instead of argumentation, we get guilt-by-association. Except the only association or connection that is ever made is in the author's head; it's all about the author's random brain-firings.

    The rest of this "article" continues in the same fashion. The rightwing source quoted is so extremist as to be laughable: "If the United Nations has its way, Jesus won't be found in church anymore..."! This sounds PRECISELY like the PARODIES of rightwing extremism I have encountered now and then. In fact, I very seriously suspect that it IS a parody, or at best a slanderous fake article planted by someone who wants to make the religious right look febble-minded and childish.

    Yet the author presents this as if he has no idea how laughably silly and wacko such an idea is for rational, moderate adults! And again, he does so with no context, no explanation, no attempt at actually arguing for such a weird idea is even attmepted. Just simple declaration. After all, if God directly beams "the Truth" into your mind, I guess you don't need to explain yourself -- or even speak in rational terms.

    After that, we randomly veer into church bells (church bells?!) and swing around some more ranting and end up with -- of all things -- cap and trade marketplace (vs. strict regulatory) approach to environmental control. Again, nothing prepares us for this. What possible connection there might be between cap-and-trade proposals, Jesus, pea soup and church bells is never laid out. Again, there is no attempt even at connection, evidence, argumentation.

    Just ranting. Nothing more.

  2. Yes, but the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child, if adopted, would undermine parental rights to effectively teach their children according to their own beliefs. (As if this hadn't been done enough by our own politicians!) The cap and trade bill would further financially strap parents the ability to pay for private schooling by giving them a huge tax increase. There is a legitimate connection, even if the author didn't explain it very well.