Sunday, July 25, 2010

Is God & was Adam androgynous?

You may wonder what does androgynous mean. It is an organism which has both sexes. A while ago Greg sent me an article, "Made in the Image of God," written by Lambert Dolphin, which he thought was pretty good. I appreciate the article but I wonder about Greg’s judgment.

Dolphin makes the assertion that when God created Adam he was of both sexes and uses the term Adam/Eve. He further asserts that it takes both sexes to fully represent the image of God and God Himself.

Dolphin writes, “Both Adam and Eve already existed as a single unit - as the word bara implies. Having already created (bara) the soul and spirit of Adam/Eve, and after having molded the first body of the first man. God now makes a division of this one compound man into male and female.” Dolphin is mixing terms in the above statement in saying the body of the first man and the spirit and soul of Adam/Eve. To be consistent the first body would have to have been both male and female at the same time. This of course is not possible for the male sex organs and the female sex organs occupy the same location on the human body. Thus males are created to be males and females are created to be females. Not both at the same time.

Those organisms which are androgynous are designed androgynous. The male and female organs occupy separate locations within the organism. One example everyone is familiar with is corn also known as maize. The tassel at the top of the plant is the male potion of the plant. The ear and silk is the female portion of the plant. They occupy different places on the plant. Thus, corn is designed to be both sexes at the same time. Humans are not.

Jesus was a male circumcised the eighth day and also the expressed image of the invisible God. Thus, God is masculine and not androgynous.

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  1. Lol such ignorance. Im an Androgyne and we exist. Intersexual Androgynes have always existed. Quit being so blind to the truth.