Sunday, July 18, 2010

An Immigrant to America

David Barton read a seventy year-old definition of what it meant to be an American on his Thursday, July 14, 2010 WallbuildersLive radio show broadcast. Historian David Barton feels that this definition encapsulates how to access whether someone really is an immigrant. Here is the definition of what it is to be an American that Barton quoted.

“What is an American? An American is a man who is greater in his soul than in his class, creed, political party, or section of the country in which he lives.

“To be an American a man must have an American soul and believe in the spiritual realities upon which America rests and out of which America was born.

“America was created to UNITE mankind by those passions which lift and not the passions which separate and divide.

“We came to America to get rid of the things that divide and make sure of the things that unite.”

--- from the Immigration Handbook, 1941

David Barton summarized the above definition this way, “So the definition of immigrant is, we are here to be part of assimilating, we are here to UNITE, we want to further the United States …”

I feel that most illegal aliens do not fit this definition of either Americans or of immigrants to America. Do they assimilate? Does our government encourage them to assimilate when they require bilingual education and other services? No. It seems to me that by our government's action we are encouraging Balkinization, and disunity in the name of diversity and pluralism!!

We are all for immigration, as long as it is legal and helps to contribute to the overall good of this society and this nation. The biggest contributions of immigrants to America were from legal immigrants who went through the red tape and waited their turn in line. Not from the illegal aliens who sponged their way in line and committed the crime of illegal entry.

The government in the last 18 or more years has especially shirked its responsibility to secure the borders and enforce our immigration laws. Essentially President Bush did nothing and President Soetoro/Obama is doing less than nothing. They both wanted amnesty for illegals. Comprehensive immigration reform is amnesty no matter how the Democrats and RINOs in Congress and the White House want to spin it.

The definition to which Barton refers hearkens back to a day when America had clearer vision and an interested and involved populace. The Tea Party Movement is resurrecting some of that previous interest and involvement. However, it must increase its pressure exponentially if we are to put a halt to the destructive policies of Washington, D.C.

REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER is cry that must carry us through the upcoming and important mid-term general election. The Leftist Democrats and RINO Republicans will try to push amnesty either prior to the November election or during the lame duck session if enough of the current crop of creeps is kicked out of Congress.

REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER the lack of border security, the lack of enforcement of our current immigration laws, the government’s attempt to stealthily build a North American Union, remember the Democrats’ attempt to give up U.S. sovereignty on many fronts, remember the Democrats’ nomination and votes for judges who would recognize international law above our Constitution. Remember those Democrats and Republicans who agree with our President, that America is not a Christian nation, but a nation with a large Muslim population and godless divisive secular humanism.

Above all remember what has happened the past two years in the government’s attempt to turn our nation from a Democratic Republican Capitalist form of government and economy into a tyrannical socialist state! Let’s stop the nonsense. Enough is enough.



  1. Dude, I think you're abortion counter at the bottom of the page is totally off. It says negative 1.5 billion abortions!

  2. Jobs4Americans10:50 AM

    Right now I want a freeze on Immigration of Imported workers. Its ridicilous that anyone says importing foreign workers while MILLIONS at least 14.5 MILLION of Americans are out of work is Good for Americans. we are importing over a million foreign workers each year still. Crazier than that Obama wants to import more foreign workers. I sugguest you read On the Immorality of Illegal Immigration- A Priest Poses an Alternative Christian View by Fr Patrick J. Bascio (updated version). It talks about how illegal and legal Immigration is devastating to the Black community, how our bringing in so many scientists, doctors & other healthcare providers is keeping other countries underdeveloped, instead we need to educate Americans to provide these services. How about the common good for the poor countries? If someone supports open borders,Amnesty & mass immigration I suggest you read this book & if you still support Amnesty & open borders, then you DONT care about AMERICANS!! Fr Bascio talks On the Immorality of Illegal Immigration