Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Key to Keeping Freedom Alive

"The centralization of political power always destroys liberty by removing the decision-making from the people on the local level and transferring it to the officers of the central government ...

"... Strong local government ... is what the Founding Fathers considered the golden key to preserving freedom ..."

- - - W. Cleon Skousen, The 5,000 Year Leap, the 28 Great Ideas That Changed the World, pgs. 233-234

Is not more centralization actually what the current administration and Congress are undertaking? Our Founders warned us of this movement, this trend toward Socialism or Marxism. Central planning does not work for the average American. It may work for those elite who think that they know better than everyone else.

However, wherever Socialism, Communism or Marxism has been tried it has been an abject faiture. Look at Europe, we could be seeing America in the near future if the current government remains in power and acts as it has since January 2009 ...

Today of all days as we celebrate our independence, as we celebrate our cherished liberties, we need to consider the gradual usurping of our freedom by the government in the name of security or ease ...

Let us heed the warning of our Founders and work to restore the principles upon which this nation was birthed. Let us Remember in November to do our duty and to remove those supposed representatives of the people who are seeking to destroy our lives, our liberties, and our opportunities to pursue happiness!


  1. A poster on the National Politics forum asked me, "Care to offer some examples of this [ Is not more centralization actually what the current administration and Congress are undertaking? ]"

    My response:

    Education - why do we have a Federal department of Education - we do not need it. Education is best left to parents and the local schools and schoold districts.

    Healthcare - why did the President and Congress move to redo the American Healthcare system instead of carrying out needed reforms - like medical malpractice limits, like allowing insurance companies to sell their products across state lines, like developing high risk groups for the uninsured instead of destroying the entire system - ultimately making everyone wait for service and rationing care and creating bureaucratic panels to determine who lives and who dies ...

    Bailing out failing businesses - committing huge amounts of taxpayer dollars instead of letting GM and Chrysler and AIG and CitiBank etc file for bankruptcy and restructure? Now we are on the hook for billions of dollars and the government is in over its head with businesses they know nothing about ...

    Passing stimulus bill to fund corrupt and incompetent cities - insuring union workers retain their government jobs ... Where are the promised jobs???

    Immigration 'reform' - the Preident is getting ready to push comprehensive immigratiohn reform - when our borders are unsecured - when our current immigration laws are not enforced ....This is one area that the government should be involved and is not. Instead it is central planning education, our diets, our energy consumption levels, our healthcare ...

    At a time when Europe is recognizing the failing of Socialism the current U.S. admininistration is rushing headlong into establishing an unachievable socialist utopia!!!!

  2. The 5000 year leap is a good book. Read the 25th principle.