Saturday, July 24, 2010

Who are the real racists?

The NAACP, the Leftist Media and not the TEA Parties!

The editors of local Mansfield News-Journal newspaper, which I purchased today, included an provocative editorial. The editorial was originally published in the (Louisville, KY) Courier-Journal on July 16. The original title of the editorial was the innocuous, ‘Tea party and race.’ The local paper lit a fire when it titled the reprinted editorial, ‘NAACP right about tea party movement.’ They instigated the very thing that they apparently wanted to supposedly expose.

I will address what I felt were especially egregious and inflammatory elements within the editorial.

“Yet the evidence is growing that this "party" has become a haven for those who do have racially intolerant, even white supremacist, views."

On what basis do they make this astonishing claim? They mention one tea party participant at the Louisville April 15 Tea Party event who was allegedly wearing a tee-shirt with the words, ‘I am a racist.’ Is that all the evidence to condemn a national movement from coast to coast and from unsecured border to unsecured border? Do they offer as evidence the black congressman who walked through the health care ‘reform’ protest crowd, accusing tea party participants making racial slurs and spitting on him? That was a lie. No tape or recording of the many video cameras on the scene recorded any such occurrence. It was fabricated and repeated over and over by the lame Leftist media so that some of the public may fooled into believing the lie.

"You don't have to engage in much guessing to know that it's President Obama and the Democrats in Congress they are talking about, and it is fine if the tea partiers disagree with their policies. But it's not all right to offer a haven o those who believe that the first African-American president is somehow not an American and not a loyal one."

I am personally not convinced that President Soetoro aka Obama meets the qualifications of being President of the United States. Why has the President refused to release his long-form birth certificate, his college transcripts, etc. What is the man hiding? Why has he paid thousands of dollars to keep that information secret? Does demanding proof of citizenship make me a racist? I am offended and insulted by that surly insinuation!

Furthermore, it is Soetoro/Obama’s socialist, Marxist, anti-capitalistic, and anti-free enterprise policies, programs, plans and overall ideology and not his race that makes him so disagreeable, so reprehensible and so un-American. Truth be told, I voted for Alan Keyes, a black man in 2008. I voted for him because of his character and his conservative principles. But because Dr. Keyes is a conservative black man, he is not recognized by the true intolerant racists and bigots on the Left.

"And it's scurrilous to harbor those who are fearful because they believe their future -- in a country that will soon no longer have a white majority -- is somehow in jeopardy."

What a crock! What is really scurrilous are those sanctuary cities who harbour illegal aliens. But that is another topic and subject for another day. The Tea Party participants are not fearful of a non-white majority, we are fearful of an overwhelming, crippling, destroyed economy we are leaving for our grandchildren and future generations. What a truly racist remark to imply that it is blacks and Hispanics that we fear in the future. That thought would not cross the minds of 95% of those who have part in the Tea Party movement in any way.

I am offended by the slurs, implications, as slanderous accusations made by this representative of the old established Leftist-aligned media. Where is the objectivity? Where is the fairness? Where is the balance? Where is the independence?

"It is incumbent on them (Sarah Palin and Rand Paul) to call out those who would latch onto their movement to advance white supremacist views and distance themselves from these extremists."

What the Left can’t get is that the Tea Party Movement is leaderless. Neither Palin or Paul speak for it. It is a spontaneous reaction to the terrible things begin done to this once great nation by a band of rogues occupying the White House and Congress. And once again, here are more false accusations and insulting insinuations. Who are these hoards of white supremacists? I have been to many tea party events and have not seen or heard any racial slurs or ‘white supremacist’ lurking or participating in those crowds. These accusations are bogus, no they are deceitful, and they are flat out lies.

This disgusting, biased, unabashed Leftist editorial title and editorial itself could have easily been written by the campaign manager of Soetoro/Obama, Pelosi, or Reid. And maybe it was! There is a campaign that will intensify the next 100 days that will try to discredit, besmirch, slander, belittle, bad-mouth, and marginalize the TEA Party patriots across America, white, black and brown. Anyone who does not fall in rank with the Leftist will be attacked as racists, homophobes, bigots. Stand firm against the assaults. Remember in November - what they did and want to do to America.

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  1. I agree that the Tea Party is not racist (though there are a few any large group of people). And even there was a guy with an "I am a racist" T-shirt on, he could have been a plant. Saul Alinsky told his disciples to dress up like KKK and say, "We support Bush (George senior)". (Not that I am a fan of the elder Bush, but the point was to discredit conservatives.) I didn't vote for Keyes in 08, but he would have been my second choice, and I have voted for him and other blacks in previous elections.