Saturday, July 24, 2010

McCain’s for Amnesty, Remember on August 24, 2010

Hat tip goes to HotAirPundit for posting this new TV ad by an opponent of mostly liberal John ‘conservative before the August 24 Arizona Republican Primary Election” McCain. According to J.D. Hayworth's YouTube video description, “JD Hayworth launched a new television advertisement statewide highlighting McCain's long held support for amnesty for illegal aliens. As a U.S. Senator representing Arizona, JD Hayworth will implement border security measures to protect Arizonans and Americans because he believes that border security is national security.” I did not vote for John McCain for President in 2008 and urge all Arizona Republicans to fire him as Senator in August 2010!

"I helped author with Senator Kennedy comprehensive immigration reform and fought for it twice...." --- John McCain (RINO-AZ)

"I stood with Ted Kennedy and John McCain and took on this tough issue." --- President Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama


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