Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jihadist Boy Scouts in America!

Future Terrorists in America?

In the very same city, Philadelphia, where the city elders recently wanted to evict the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) from their long-time home because they refused to permit homosexual scout masters and leaders, there is something even more sinister happening. But before we talk about the inherently bad, the Jihadist Boy Scouts, let’s talk about the Boy Scouts of America, the Cradle of Liberty Council of Philadelphia and their recent and on-going battle with the city.


Briefly, the Boy Scout of America organization in the city of Philadelphia, years ago had donated a large piece of property to the city with the idea that they would develop the property and pay a nominal yearly lease forever. Year after year the Boy Scouts maintain the building and property. Then based on a political correct burr that the local government sat on, they decided that because the Scouts ‘discriminated’ against those men practicing homosexual behavior, by rightfully disqualifying them from any leadership positions. The liberal elite city leaders unwisely decided to raise the rent of the Boy Scouts' property and gave them the ultimatum, pay or get out of Dodge! The Scouts stood on their moral high ground and filled a lawsuit and won against the city.

You can read about the Scouts' battle with the city on Wikipedia and elsewhere. The bottom line is that the Boy Scouts are one the remaining wholesome and virtuous icons of America. They do good work. They help thousands of young boys develop into responsible men. It can only be liberal insanity that would find cause to detour or detract the fine service of this outstanding organization. After all, who else helps elderly women to cross the streets?


Enter Philadelphia, the brothers Islam, with an organization I call the Jihadist Boy Scouts in America (JBSIA, which alternately should be known as Just BS in America). The name that they give themselves is, as reported in, the “Jawala Scouts or the Jawala Scout Youth Leadership Program, an Islamic paramilitary boys group, was incorporated in Philadelphia in August 2005. It was founded a short time before that.”
You can read more extensively about this in the article, "Phladelphia's Islamist Boy Scouts," by Joe Kaufman and Beila Rabinowitz. They discuss various radical terrorist types who lead this potentially dangerous organization, which is potentially developing future Jihadists to wreak havoc on America.

The irony is that the city of Philadelphia goes after the good scouts and apparently closes its eyes to the real problem, the evil and radical Jihadists on their very streets and in their alleys. Clearly the Jawala organization is who the politically correct politicians should be worried about!

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