Saturday, July 03, 2010

Pitching Amnesty, President Panders to Illegals

I listened to recorded portions of the President’s speech on amnesty for illegals yesterday. Like comprehensive healthcare or comprehensive financial ‘reform,’ so-called comprehensive immigration reform is not about reforming anything. It is solely a selfish political move to expand the President's and the Democratic Party's power and chances in the 2012 Election and beyond. Just like the DISCLOSE Act, which was designed to curb opposition to the Democratic politicians in 2010, Amnesty would further the Democratic Socialistic agenda.

This President is a first-class manipulator and deceiver. In reading his Teleprompted speech, he is essentially priming the pump to introduce amnesty, closeting it in the nebulous high sounding ‘comprehensive immigration reform.’ It is a major component of his socialist, Marxist agenda. Like all his previous initiatives, Americans must be wary of this snake charmer. Look past the words and see his intent and his actions.

This portion of his amnesty speech was of particular interest to me was:

“There are those who argue that we should not move forward with ANY other element of reform until we have fully sealed our borders …” (at 21:54 of the 7/1/10 immigration speech)

Well, sir, I am one of those. SECURE THE D**N BORDER!, FILL THE D**N HOLE! … The fact remains that our borders remain unsecured. I don’t care how long that has been the case. Fix it. That is one thing that we should expect from our government – protection of lives and property. You are failing to do your duty.

Why do you and your agencies continuing to NEGLECT enforcing the laws that are already on the books? Had your administration and previous administrations been doing their job instead of getting your grubby, clumsy hands on our education, healthcare, industries where you have no business, maybe the problem would have reached the concocted “crisis’ that you seem to make a career of lecturing and leeching.

Why do you think it was necessary for AZ and Governor Brewer to pass and sign an law based on the federal law, which you and your bureaucrats and the Bush and Clinton administrations before you chose to ignore as well? Arizona took a stand to do something about the illegal alien invasion of their state and our nation. And you refuse to even acknowledge those invaders, instead referring to them as ‘undocumented workers.’

Why did your agencies stop the raids of businesses employing illegals? Why are you ignoring the present laws? What makes you think we will believe you when you say and new and comprehensive immigration reform law is needed or will be enforced? Hogwash.

Why do we continue to permit babies born of illegals to become American citizens? Let’s change that before introduce any new law.

Enforce existing law and secure the borders before you try to force your politically motivated and self-serving comprehensive immigration 'reform' (better if you used conform) on Americans. We are comprehensively fed up with you and your force fed socialism diet! I comment further on the next sentences of the President's amnesty speech:

“But our borders are just too vast for us to be able to solve the problem only with fences and border patrols. It won’t work. Our borders will no be secured as long as our limited resources are devoted to not only stopping gangs, and potential terrorists, but also one hundred thousand each year simply to find work . . .” (at 22:09 of the immigration speech 7/1/10)

The President just admitted he cannot carry out his responsibilities. It seems to me that he should step aside and let another person do the job then.

Perhaps the President might consider trading jobs with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Maybe then you could gain the executive experience that you needs to perform the job as President.

Or maybe some of that yet to be dispersed STIMULUS MONEY could be used to train border guards and pay construction workers to build a fence across the entire southern border? No, because the President DOES NOT WANT A SECURED BORDER!

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