Saturday, July 31, 2010

President Picks Yakking Yentas, PC, & Politics Over Boy Scouts of America

2010 National Scout Jamboree

Last week the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) held their 100 year anniversary celebration in Virginia, near the nation’s Capital. Most past Presidents took time out of their schedules to personally attend the National Scout Jamboree, which happens only every four years. Our President chose to diss the boys and to attend more 'important' events. Apparently he did this because a key component of his and his parties' support base is the active and monied homosexual lobby. The BSA have stood firm against the onslaught of homosexual advocates who desire subvert the principles and practices of the BSA.

The President's choices last week demonstrate his true values and principles, which I believe are ultimately harmful to this society. I concur with the American Family Association President, Tim Wildmon’s assessment of the disdain President Soetoro alias Obama has for the wholesome, traditional, American-value-laden Boy Scouts. He and his regime mates decided to choose an appearance on a gabfest TV show and attendance at a fund raising events in New York over making a personal appearance at the Boy Scouts of America 100 year anniversary celebration. By doing so, the President made his own values and priorities crystal clear.

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) represent all that the President apparently has no use for, such as traditional American values, character, conservation, loyalty, one man-one woman marriage, pro-life, traditional intact family, and free enterprise. Instead, he would rather schmooze with the yakking yentas on mourning TV. Maybe, too he wanted to mesmerizing the newly expanded unemployment compensation recipients, who may be sitting at home relaxing and watching TV and waiting for their 100th week's check (made possible by the President's irresponsible cronies in Congress who just bailed them out by increasing the deficit). That is the audience he apparently cares more about. Ironically, the green President fueled up Air-Force One and flew past Virginia, where the Boy Scouts were celebrating, en route to New York to fund raise and do what he does best, campaign, this time for more shameless socialist schmucks.

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  1. I've been an adult leader in our Scout Troop, assisted in numerous hikes, and led two crews of Scouts on two-week backpacking treks at the Philmont Scout Ranch in the Rockies.

    Indeed, I was just at Philmont two weeks ago -- among other things, I was visiting my son, who is a backcountry counselor there. Anybody who knows anything about Philmont -- which features the huge Scout training center -- knows why many consider it the heart of Scouting in the U.S.

    So I know something about Scouts, Greg. For me, they're not just some political football like they are for you, but a group I love.

    Guess what? Real, actual Scouting is about helping boys become men (and for Venture patrols and Explorers, also helping girls become women). It's about paying attention to actual kids in your community and giving them the nurture and advice they need to become independent.

    In other words, Scouting is NOT about YOUR politics. It's NOT about "homosexual lobbies" or "onslaughts." It's NOT about YOUR compulsive hatred for Obama or your somewhat desperate attempts to smear our first Black president at every turn. It's NOT about partisanship at all.

    Not about YOU at all.

    Are there problems with the Scout position on gays? Sure. Are Scouts too much in bed with the LDS church? Probably. Are many Scout troops overly militaristic? Yes -- but some are led by hippies too.

    In general, I've noticed that, on the Troop level, people work around the kind of stupid issues that you thrive on. There's a sort of "don't ask, don't tell" attitude that lets several Troops I know happily keep their gay and atheist members.

    In other words, they don't turn our sons into political footballs for their own warped pleasure, but focus on truly helping the young men and women who turn to Scouting for that help.

    Greg, it would be nice if some day you lived up to the morals you preach. Shame on you for this manipulative sleazy use of innocent Scouts!