Sunday, July 11, 2010

Perversion Penetrates PCUSA

Hat tip to the AFR Sound Rezn Radio Show where I heard the following disturbing discussion of a recent news item coming out of one of America’s mainline denominations:

“Late Thursday (7/8/10) afternoon delegates (to the 219th Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of America - PCUSA) voted to allow non-celibate [homosexuals] and lesbians to be ordained as clergy.”

--- News, 7/9/10

As evidence of further decay, decline, and abandonment of biblical standards and truth, the Presbyterian Church of America (PCUSA) joins other apostate ‘churches’ - like the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and the American Episcopal Church - in allowing homosexuals and lesbians to serve as official ordained ministers. Immorality and depravity reigns in what maybe should now be called the Perversiterian Church of America!

This is another shameful surrender to the intolerable politically correctness tsunami that is terrorizing and sweeping this nation. To make matters worse, it is fully supported and energized by the Soetoro/Obama Administration and Democratic leaders in Congress. It shows that socialists, humanists, have gained a foothold into another American institution.

This is another issue to remember when entering the voting booth in November. Remember in November that most Democrats in Congress fully support the implementation of the complete homosexual agenda in our culture.

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