Saturday, July 31, 2010

Van Irion For Congress

I endorse Van Irion for his run for Congress in Tennessee's 3rd congressional district.  The primary election is just 5 days away.  

Van is a pro-life, constitutional conservative.  He is in favor of abolishing both the Federal Reserve and the IRS.   On foreign policy, Van writes, "Occupation of an unsecured nation for an indefinite period is not an acceptable military goal."  

In addition to running for Congress, he is bringing a class action lawsuit against the government for this intrusion into our right to make our own decisions on healthcare.  There is still time to join the lawsuit.  You can be named as a plaintiff in the case.  To find out how, just go to the following website:

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  1. Matt - great post. I signed the petitition and also endorse Van Irion!