Saturday, July 31, 2010

Linda Goldthorpe for Congress

I endorse Linda Goldthorpe in her run for Congress to represent Michigan's 1st district to replace the disgraced Bart Stupak.  The vote is just three days away!

Linda is pro-life without exceptions for rape and incest and is not afraid to state this plainly on her website.  She is in favor of eliminating the IRS, bringing our servicemen home to their families, and she knows that the so called "free trade" agreements are a scam.  She knows that the tenth amendment is the key to eliminating wasteful federal spending because it prohibits the federal government from exercising powers not granted to it by the Constitution.  She supports vouchers for homeschoolers and opposes unconstitutional federal education standards such as George Bush's No Child Left Behind.  When asked what her legislative priorities would be if elected, she wrote:

We need to take drastic steps to end the Federal Reserve monopoly on the currency, and return to the Constitutionally mandated gold and silver standard.   
We need to maintain a strong national defense at home and at the border, but bring our troops home and practice a neutral foreign policy.
We need to restore and protect all American civil liberties, including the right to bear arms, the right to a prompt and fair trial, freedom of speech and of assembly, and reservation of powers not named in the Constitution for the states and the people.
Click this link  and this link to read her positions on all the issues.  Click here to contribute to her campaign.

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