Saturday, July 10, 2010

Undocumented Democrats

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Undocumented Democrats was another term or description given to illegal aliens (I believe was orignally coined by a caller to the Rush Limbaugh Radio Show). In this deranged and politically correct environment of ours, it has become routine to call or even consider evil good and good evil. Our President and his radical socialist regime have also referred to illegal aliens as Undocumented Workers. They and the previous Bush administration have politically correctly, and I say foolishly and deceitfully, referred to Islamic terrorists as Enemy Combatants.
Calling law-breaking illegal aliens an Undocumented Worker, is like calling one who steals from another (a thief) an Undocumented Burglar. What is the difference? An illegal alien is first and foremost a criminal. By bypassing the legal process of entry into our nation, they have broken the law. They have committed a crime. It sure seems like people are ignoring that truth. They justify the crime by saying that they just want to better their lives. The President compares these illegal immigrants with legal immigrants, which is as false comparison. It is comparing apples and oranges.

It is time to say no to anymore amnesty. We have seen what happens when we permitted amnesty in the past. The border remained unsecured, our laws where not enforced. We cannot believe Congress or our President, because they and he have continuously lied to achieve their goals. They and he must be stopped.

Remember in November – the bailouts, the stimulus, the earmarks, the funding of abortion, the coming healthcare rationing and death panels, granting special rights and privileges to those who practice sexual perversion, and now amnesty – and fire Congress!


  1. First, "Enemy Combatant" is a legal term which has been recognized by the courts for over sixty years. It doesn't have anything to do with political correctness, but is rather a justification of their indefinite detention without trial under legal war powers. "Undocumented Worker", on the other hand, is not a legal term.

    Secondly, you said, "An illegal alien is first and foremost a criminal." I agree that illegal aliens should be punished and that there should be no amnesty (though that is like saying there should be no more crime--it will happen to some extent no matter how hard we try), but they are still human beings made in God's image. First and foremost they are individuals who need Jesus.

    Thirdly, earmarks are not necessarily bad. Earmarks can be added on to a bill without increasing its cost, by only specifying how the money is to be spent. This can actually reduce waste because it prevents bureaucratic agencies from being given license to spend the money how ever they want.

  2. Matt -

    Thanks for your comment. I agree with your statement, "First and foremost they are individuals who need Jesus." But they still need to obey the law ... Illegal aliens and all of us legal or illegal are lawbreakers of one sort or another. We do all need Jesus.

    The role of government is national security and that in part means - to me means secure the borders. The role of government is also to enforce the laws of the land if they do not conflict with the laws of
    God - even the immigration laws.