Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Abortionists Qualify as Domestic Terrorists

I recently saw the following quote, which impressed me with its accurate depiction equating the loathsome act of abortion with being a ruthless act of terrorism.

"As long as there is terrorism in the womb, there will be terrorism in the world."


  1. Actually, it's more the abortion lobby rather than the abortionists themselves who are the terrorists. For the abortionist just kills for money. He's a hit man. He's not out there day in and day out trying to threaten, bully, and scare people.

    But the abortion lobby threatens to kill women if they don't get their way. "If you don't let us kill the babies with chemicals and medical instruments, we'll kill the mothers with coat hangers!"

    As if they're not killing them now.

  2. Granny -

    Thank you for your comment.

    I agree with your statement. It’s the industry that are the terrorist. The abortionists are the mercenaries that work for the terrorists!

  3. Anonymous4:08 AM

    I'll have to remember that quote. Domestic Terrorists.

  4. Jessica Rodgers3:15 PM

    Wow, I didn't realize there were so many ignorant, racist people left in this country in this day and age. The first biracial president (at least the first with visible and known African ancestry) and his citizenship is questioned and you call him a Marxist. Not that there's anything wrong with Marxism, it's a theory and like other theories (democracy, laissez faire capitalism), it doesn't come out as well in reality as on paper, due to the human element (greed, imperfection, powerlust, etc.) But it's a scare trigger word and that's the only reason it's being applied.

    The abortion lobby, as it's called here, doesn't threaten to go around killing women with coat hangers. Desperate women without access to safe, hygienic, affordable abortions inadvertently killed themselves with coat hangers (or poison, or self-inflicted injuries/falls, etc.) for decades before Roe granted privacy and self-determination rights to women.

    The only people I've seen trying to "threaten, bully and scare people" are the anti-abortion ("pro-life" is a misnomer, only certain life is valued by people in that movement) terrorists who bomb women's clinics and stalk doctors and patients. There are so many poor, unwanted children who are never adopted -- because they are brown or too old. Would that the energy and "re$ource$" wasted on terrorizing women about their most private decision be rerouted to aid and adopt all the children who are already here and need a home, a family, love and support.

    I personally don't think I could have an abortion. I also recognize that I've been fortunate enough that birth control has never failed and I've never been raped. Nevertheless, it's not my right to decide what all other women do with their bodies, nor is it any of your business. That goes especially for people who are on this bandwagon because they assume everyone does or should share their religion. FYI, Christians are a religious minority in the world and only have the numbers they do by invading other countries and forcing Christianity (and I include Catholics, as they worship Christ and were the root of modern Christianity) on natives, while so-called "Christians" enslaved them and stole their resources.

    American prisons are full enough, we're the worst industrialized nation in those terms. The last thing the world needs are more unwanted, unloved children.

  5. Jessica -

    See my belated response today (8/23/09) to your comment.