Monday, January 26, 2009

Late Night Takes - of Crimes & Torture

Late Night Jokes
I periodically receive emails from regarding their highlights of the late night TV talk shows. Here is one I received today.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

● "During the inauguration ceremonies there were 2 million people crammed into the Mall and not one arrest. Not one crime was committed in Washington. Of course, that’ll all change now that Congress is back."

I disagree that there were 2 million people on the Mall, however I do agree with the bit about Congress committing crimes . . .

● "President (Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack) Obama has signed an executive order officially banning torture in the United States. So you know what that means . . . ABC may be forced to cancel “The View.”"

The Opposition Media (ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, NY Times, PBS, Washington Post et al) may also be forced to stop their tortuous, thoroughly biased, subjective, one-sided and slanted news coverage supporting the Democratic Party and pro-Soetoro (Obama) views, as well.

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