Friday, January 23, 2009

Pres. Barry Soetoro to Close Gitmo

Demise of America - #2

Cartoon by Gary Varvel found on 1/2309

Worried more about fulfilling campaign promises and appeasing his rabid and radical base of supporters, President Barry Soetoro (a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama) today signed an executive order to begin the process of closing down the terrorist cells at Guantanamo Bay. Apparently he has no clue what to do with these mainly murderous Muslim terrorists, yet to show he is a man of action, even if that action is wrong, he forges blindly ahead to usher in the further demise of America.

Isn't there more important priorities, more important business to be about than to focus attention of the enemies of America and worry about their well being? What about the keeping the 330 million Americans safe . . . like maybe closing the borders, enforcing the immigration laws, stopping the infiltration of drugs and terrorists into our country . . . ? Now THAT really WOULD mark a CHANGE . . .


  1. The Gitmo prisoners should either be given a fair trial and sentenced, or let them go. If they committed crimes on American soil or against American citizens they should be tried on American soil. If they only committed foreign crimes, they should be extradited to the nation in which they committed the crime or whose citizen’s rights they violated. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty” and the right to a speedy trial?

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    What are we doing taking terrorists to a COMMUNIST country? Sound like very strange bedfellows to me. The fact the Obama is doing this is just a gesture to his base, it’s not a genuine move toward a more constitutionally correct policy.

  2. Joe Biden said . that some of the prisoners would just be transported somewhere else. There is still no fair and speedy trial and no innocence until proven guilty. This is just a cheap ploy to satisfy the Obots while continuing the same wicked Bush policy.