Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hello President Soetoro, Goodbye America

Congratulations President Soetoro!

Amidst all the hoot'n, hollering, Hollywood, hoopla and false hope in this messiah's coronation/inauguration, I for one am somber, sober, and fearful of what he and his socialists comrades-in-harm will do to this once great nation. Regrettably, the death watch for America begins today when the illegitimate usurper Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama assumes the Presidency of the United States of America.


Soetoro/Obama has so far alluded any scrutiny by the Opposition Media (ABC, CBS, CNN, NY Times, etc) regarding his status as a natural born citizen of the U.S.A. There is enough doubt caused by contradictory statements made by relatives, even by a former would-be cabinet appointee, and by Soetoro/Obama’s own refusal (cover-up) to release any of his college records, etc. There is legitimate suspicion that Soetoro/Obama financed his way through college through aid he received as a foreign student. He traveled to Pakistan in the 1980s when that country was on America’s restricted list. Did he do that on a passport from a country other than the U.S.?

That fact that quite possibly Soetoro/Obama does not meet the basic qualification to be President is enough to be concerned about his presidency. One attorney, who is bringing legal action against Soetoro/Obama, accuses him of blatant disregard for the constitution. By doing so, he spits in the face of all Americans. Does he consider himself to be above the law?


As I stated earlier, I am not as hope-filled and giddy over the prospects, predictions and expectations of the messianic presidency of the elitist Marxist Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Obama, as may be his loyal subjects including the “Opposition Media." His ineptness, his inexperience and his overwhelming stuffing his cabinet and key positions in his administration with retread Clintonites and Chicago political thugs and associates, will lead America to her destruction.

Soetoro/Obama will be the last president of the America as we know it. He will preside over the deliberate deconstruction and demise of America. For as long as this blog has the freedom to express this truth we shall continue to do so. Here is how he will do it:

His actions of the first days, weeks, months and years in office will reveal that he has no clue as to what he is doing. He will unwittingly be the instrument used by God to bring needed and deserved judgment on our wayward God-rejecting nation.


Concerned Woman of America (CWA) came up with an (Soetoro)/
Obama Watch list. I have expanded on it and have added to it. We will begin tracking the major steps toward destruction that President Soetoro/Obama leads us toward. Here are some of the major areas in which he may wrongly act:

Sign the Freedom of Choice Act

"The first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. That's the first thing that I'd do." -- Barack Obama speaking to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, July 17, 2007.

Soetoro/Obama has been an avid support of the complete pro-death agenda. He even favors killing babies born alive, if that would endanger the “sacred” right of a woman to destroy her baby. He and his comrades in Congress may either try to pass FOCA or may try to effect it piecemeal with the same long-term outcome – overturning any and all obstacles to the wicked abortion practice.

2-Overturn the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)

"For the record, I opposed DOMA in 1996. It should be repealed and I will vote for its repeal on the Senate floor. I will also oppose any proposal to amend the U.S. Constitution to ban gays and lesbians from marrying." -- Barack Obama in a 2004 letter to a Chicago homosexual newspaper.

Apparently President Soetoro/Obama owes the homosexual community big time. They are some of most ardent supporters, financiers, and campaign workers. He lied on the campaign trail when he said he was for same-sex unions, but not for same-sex marriage. He’s for whatever the same-sex crowd wants.

3-Grant Special Rights for Homosexuals

"Since 1996, I have been the sponsor or a chief co-sponsor of measures to expand civil liberties for the LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender] community including hate-crimes legislation, adoption rights and the extension of basic civil rights to protect LGBT persons from discrimination in housing, public accommodations, employment and credit." -- Barack Obama in a 2004 letter to a Chicago homosexual newspaper.

Equal rights are not enough, homosexuals want special rights. They intend to silence all who oppose them. These special rights will help them achieve their goals.

4-Appoint Radical Judges

"[W]hat matters on the Supreme Court is those 5 percent of cases that... can only be determined on the basis of one's deepest values, one's core concerns, one's broader perspectives on how the world works, and the depth and breadth of one's empathy." -- Remarks of Barack Obama opposing the confirmation of Chief Justice John Roberts.

Not only on the Supreme Court but on all levels Soetoro/Obama will only appoint radical leftist activists judges, who will disrespect real individual freedom and continue to massacre the Constitution.

5-Allow Open Homosexuals in the Military

Interviewer: "If you were elected, what do you plan to do for the LGBT community -- what can you reasonably get done?"Obama: "I reasonably can see 'don’t ask, don’t tell' eliminated. I think that I can help usher through an Employment Non-Discrimination Act and sign it into law." -- Interview with The Advocate, April 10, 2008.

Soetoro/Obama will do what no enemy has done to date – weaken and eventually destroy the U.S. Military with a senseless, evil permission to allow open homosexual and lesbian and other perverse sexual behavior in the military. It will undermine the integrity of our fighting force.

Fund Deadly Embryonic Stem Cell Research

"Clearly, we are moving backwards in our efforts with these current restrictions. Stymieing embryonic stem cell research is a step in the wrong direction." -- Barack Obama press release, April 11, 2007.

Here is another pro-death plant in the new President’s agenda. Despite the fact that there has been nothing positive generated by ESCR, despite the fact that no private funding source will provide funding, Soetoro/Obama will turn over vast sums of money to destroy human live to supposedly, without any proof whatsoever, to “save” lives.

Sign the “Fairness” Doctrine

Through the FCC, executive order or legislation conservative talk radio will be targeted and their will be an attempt to silence the remaining opposition to supplanting our republican democratric form of government wand planting socialism in America.

Soetoro/Obama has had an almost unanimous and unwavering support of the Opposition Media (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, PBS, CBS etc.) throughout the 2-year presidential campaign. The Opposition Media will continue to be used as the propaganda arm of the Democratic Junta to promote anti-American policies and agendas.

Sign any Amnesty for Illegal Aliens bill

Here may be a way to perpetuate Democratic Party power going forward. Give the illegal aliens amnesty and the Democratic Party will have a voter block in their hip pocket.

9- Continue Wild Deficit Spending, Big Government Expansion, and Dramatic Tax Increases

Bailouts will become the norm. Read-my-lips-no-new-taxes-for-the middle-class II. Soetoro/Obama will outspend Bush, making him look like he was a miser.

10- Weakening of Our National Defense

Soetoro/Obama will continue Bush’s do-nothing porous border policy. He will abandon/surrender Iraq. He will dissolve or do away with our close mutual relationship with Israel. He will ruthlessly defund the military to pay for massive and destructive social engineering projects.


Once the inauguration orgy is yesterday's news and stark reality sets in, we will attempt to track the demise of America at the hands of President Soetoro/Obama to the very end . . . until the end of his term or America's . . .


  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Wow, did I really just waste my time reading this? You need a hobby.

  2. Its now 8 (9/28/090)months since this article was posted and to the anonymous that stated reading this was a waste of time ought to read todays headlines. Much of what is stated here has come to pass or is in progress

  3. Anonymous9:11 AM

    you nailed it on a lot of issues - good work.

  4. Such misguided, fear-based nonsense. Typical right wing nut job.