Wednesday, January 07, 2009

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Driving on my way home from getting my car fixed this evening I happened to turn on WJR 760 out of Detroit. There was a substitute host interviewing a person from the Discovery Institute. The topic was Academic Freedom. They were discussing the challenge by Darwinians and Neo-Darwinian extremists in Texas who want the teaching of the strengths and weaknesses of the theory of evolution stopped. They want evolution taught as unchallenged fact. Talk about academic freedom!

One recommended website was below is some of the information that you will find there. I signed the petition. I, for one, think that academic freedom is a good thing. People should be encouraged to think critically, not receive unchallenged junk science (evolution, global warming, etc.) presented as fact or as truth, but to be able examine all theories honestly.

This topic of Academic Freedom compliments the Freedom to Express ones faith that is being debated in Mount Vernon, Ohio this week at the John Freshwater contract hearing, where he is challenging his termination. He was fired because he dared to practice his faith on the job and horrors of all horrors insisted on keeping his personal Bible on his classroom desk. There was even a claim that he dared to question the (false) theory of evolution! How about that!

Hear What Ben “Expelled” Stein Has to Say on the Subject


Across America, the freedom of scientists, teachers, and students to question Darwin is coming under increasing attack by self-appointed defenders of the theory of evolution who are waging a malicious campaign to demonize and blacklist anyone who disagrees with them.

You can help by signing the Academic Freedom Petition and stand up for free speech and free scientific inquiry.

We, the undersigned American citizens, urge the adoption of policies by our nation's academic institutions to ensure teacher and student academic freedom to discuss the scientific strengths and weaknesses of Darwinian evolution. Teachers should be protected from being fired, harassed, intimidated, or discriminated against for objectively presenting the scientific strengths and weaknesses of Darwinian theory. Students should be protected from being harassed, intimidated, or discriminated against for expressing their views about the scientific strengths and weaknesses of Darwinian theory in an appropriate manner.

If you agree with this statement please go to the link above and fill in the information and join other Americans in supporting academic freedom.

Petitions will be delivered to appropriate state and federal education officials and departments


  1. Anonymous11:21 PM

    I heard a minute or two of this show tonight . . . I was glad to hear this message get out. John
    McCullah (sp?) was subbing for Mitch Albom. If Mitch had been there the guests you heard would never have been on the show.
    Mitch Albom is so biased to the left that I can't stand to listen to him. I just signed
    the petition. Thanks for informing me of it.

  2. I agree with your comments about Albom.

  3. Anonymous11:36 PM

    Horror of horrors a man is being terminated for burning a cross on a childs arm during a PUBLIC school science class.

  4. Anonymous9:57 PM

    The reason "liberals" oppose academic freedom regarding evolutionism is that evolutionists are bluffing when they say their beliefs are scientific. Be sure to look at the list of evolutionists who refuse the debate challenge from Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo. See the list at

  5. Nice, very nice. I'm glad people still have brains and Will to question evolution.

  6. Oh, and why is the statement "question everything" being ignored here?

    Einstein said it:
    "The important thing is not to stop questioning"

    “If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the answer, I would spend the first 55 minutes figuring out the proper questions to ask. For if I knew the proper questions, I could solve the problem in less than 5 minutes."

    “Question everything”

    Colleges teach us to question every thing, including Christianity and our morals, but happen to slash at those who question evolution. Nice.