Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Taking a Tripp, Too

“We at Newsbusted congratulate Sarah Palin on the birth of her grandson, Tripp.

“Or as the liberal media call him, “fresh meat.””

- - - NewsBusted, Episode 1/06/09

The "Opposition Media" is a much more apt name than the Mainstream Media. There is nothing mainstream about their agenda and their causes. Pure radical leftist socialism is what they espouse and spew.

They want to see the America of our Founding Fathers destroyed. They do not tolerate or respect anything but what they determine to be political correctness. Most of all they hate Christianity and real practicing Christians.
Governor Sarah Palin seems to be a particularly critical target. The Opposition Media's hatred is unequivocal. They will do all they can to discredit, besmirch, ridicule, slander and portray her in the worst light possible. Anyone associated with her is also a target, even baby Tripp!

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