Monday, January 19, 2009

Bush Slashes Sentences of Ramos & Compeon

Illegal Alien Invasion

Ramos & Compean To Be Freed March 20th

We just wrote an article Saturday encouraging folks to fax President Bush requesting that he free Compean and Ramos. Two years overdue, but in the end Bush did a noble act on this his last full day in office. He did the right thing.

A (WND) news article, "Bush commutes sentences of Ramos, Compean - Agents convicted of shooting smuggler will be released from prison March 20,” reported today that the two imprisoned border agents are to be set free. This was a just act. However, they should have never been imprisoned in the first place. It may have been part of Bush’s failed scheme to construct a North American Union. Hopefully that foolish sovereignty-stripping move is dead. Hopefully the man of hope and change, President-elect Barry Soetoro will not resurrect that stupid idea.

The WND article states in part, “President Bush today commuted the prison sentences of former Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean.

"The announcement came on the last full day of Bush's presidency and the sentences for Ramos and Compean now are scheduled to end on March 20. The agents were convicted of shooting at a fleeing drug smuggler and under an enhanced sentence guideline were ordered to spend more than a decade in prison."

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Read my 2007 article. Finally they're free. Listen to the Ramos and Compeon Protest Song.

Ramos and Compean
by Michael Britton

Ramos And Compean
Heroes And Brothers We Defend You
The Evil Done To Your Souls And Sacrifice
How Could We Ever Forget You

Vigilance For Which We Pray
Dominitus Deo
We Fight To The End And We All Stand Strong
With Ramos And Compean
Ramos And Compean

Ramos And Compean
Facing Danger In The Hot Sun
Never Knowing If The Ones You Caught Tonight
Will Cut You Down Or Kill You With A Gun

So All They Give You Is A Cell
And Living Hell For Your Family
We Americans Promise You And Swear By God
To Put An End To This Insanity; This Travesty

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