Tuesday, January 06, 2009

CNN Slings More Slime at Sarah Palin

CNN on one of its year end reviews had a slide show called "Politicians who Fell From Grace in 2008" on their website introduced by these words: “Election year 2008 was a CAREER BUSTER for many politicians, whose crimes, and misdemeanors – or sometimes just controversies – were EXPOSED to the public.” [emphasis added)

Who are the low-lifes included on CNN’s great eight list? The original CNN list, which apparently ran from 12/31/08 through 1/4/09, included the following:

· Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) - Caught in a criminal bribe taking pay-to-play scheme to sell Barack Obama's senate seat to the highest bidder

· Jon Edwards (D-NC)- Had an affair with an underling as his wife was dying of cancer, an affair he hid from public knowledge as he ran for president.

· Kwame Kilpatrick (D-MI)- Sentenced to 4 months in jail for obstruction of justice for impeding a criminal investigation into his actions as Detroit's mayor. He resigned amid a sex and perjury scandal.

Detroit Sleazy Mayor KK


· Larry Langford (D-AL)- Birmingham, Alabama mayor arrested on charges of bribery, fraud, money laundering and filing a false income tax statement

· Tim Mahoney (D-FL)- Replaced sex crazed Rep. Mark Foley in Florida while hiding his own extra-marital affairs from the voters, then lost his bid for reelection once the truth came out.

· Elliot Spitzer (D-NY)- Caught being “Client No.9” with a high-priced call-girl service supplied prostitute, lost his job as governor of New York.

· Sarah Palin (R-AK) – Dared to bring her conservative and Christian views to the Republican ticket and stir up many conservatives. CNN also cited the so-called “troopergale scandal” which was disproved and was a story blown way out of proportion by a media hungry to destroy this voice of conservatism. She helped, not hindered, McCain’s effort during the election. An election-time “conservative” Mr. Maverick Moderate lost the election, not Sarah.

Palin also made the New York Post’s top 10 political scandals of 2008. Here is the Post’s description, “Just as she was being picked as John McCain's running mate in late August, Palin was investigated in the firing of Alaska's state police chief, who had reportedly refused to fire Palin's former brother-in-law, a state trooper. The investigation found that Palin had abused her office but the firing was legal since the chief was an at-will employee.”

· Ted Stevens (R-AK)- Faces jail for bribery and making false statements to the feds"

I saw and read the original CNN slide show of their eight “fallen from grace” politicians, which originally included Governor Palin. Well, low and behold, CNN removed her name and her “sins” from the slideshow sometime in the last 24 hours. Vanished, as if it was never there. It was there, I saw it. So did others. Someone(s) maybe many must have complained after the New Year holiday, as I will today to CNN.

Why, CNN, did you include Sarah Palin on your original list? Did you need a Republican name when you realized that all the listed names were Democrats? Or, do you just plain hate Sarah Palin’s conservative and Christian beliefs so much? Does she offend or expose your political correct worldview? Or, you want to do everything to destroy her so that she is no threat to your messiah’s re-election in 2012? Or, do you just fear a person with wholesome American values and principles?

Why did you place Governor Sarah Palin on this list when there were such more deserving dis-honorees like:

Marc “The Ladies Man” Dann (D-OH) resigned after being crippled by a sexual harassment scandal surrounding his office and an admitted affair with a staff member.

Youngstown, Ohio Corrupt Political Hack

William “Cold Cash” Jefferson (D-LA) lost re-election bid for the U.S. House of Representatives. Jefferson has been battling scandals and a federal indictment for the past three years. In 2005, Jefferson's private homes in Washington and New Orleans were raided, and FBI agents said they found $90,000 stashed in one of his freezers.

Jim McGreevey (D-NJ) Former New Jersey Gov.Jim McGreevey finalized his divorce from wife Dina Matos in August, but not before it was revealed in March that the two liked to have threesomes with the (homosexual) governor’s former driver. The two fought over money, fraud and even their 7-year-old daughter before the divorce was made final.

Sharpe James (D-NJ) After a long career in politics, former Newark Mayor Sharpe James was convicted on April 16, of fraud and sentenced to 27 months in prison. to his misuse of credit cards, James was found to have conspired with his girlfriend in selling and re-selling city-owned property.

The New York Post has its own Top 10 Political Scandals of 2008 and Governor Sarah Palin also made their list at number 9, just ahead of homosexual and former Governor Jim McGreevy.


Both CNN and the New York Post are disgraceful in their inclusion of Governor Palin with real criminals and corrupt politicians – adulterers, fornicators, embezzlers. Each of the men listed by CNN have either been indicted for corruption, lost their positions, are soon to face jail time, been convicted of criminal actions or been drummed out of their party.

I must agree with Warner Todd Huston of Newsbusters, who concludes his article titled, “CNN Places Sarah Palin With 2008's Criminals, Sex Addicts, and the Corrupt,” with these words, “The only thing "exposed" here is CNN's hate for Palin, its leftist agenda to destroy her and its extreme bias." You can also add the New York (com)Post along with the majority of the mainstream media for doing all they can to sling mud on this woman ever since she gained prominence and whose only “crime” is living out her Christian faith and espousing conservative views and positions.

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