Friday, January 09, 2009

All the President Men: Fab-Five or Drab-Five?

Color Them Drab!
Bush, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Carter
Where is there a Washington, Adams or Reagan? Not here!

On Wednesday AOL News had a poll. It asked two questions, the first was “Of these five (current, past and future Presidents), who do you admire the most?" Unfortunately, I could not answer that I admired ANY of these men.

A second question was, “Of these five, who do you least admire?” That was much easier. In fact, I will place them in the order in which I least admire all five men.

#1 - Barack Obama, he will prove to be Jimmy Carter regurgitated or worse

#2 - Jimmy Carter

#3 - Bill Clinton

#4 - George H.W. Bush - tied with his son

#4 - George W. Bush - tied with and to his father

Couldn't America have chosen five better men than these? Are these the best we have? Where is there a George Washington, or a John Adams or a Ronald Reagan? Could they be among the 50,000,000 aborted Americans since 1973 who have been conveniently destroyed? These five men may just be a part of the judgment of God on America.

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