Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hamas: The Nazis of Gaza

Hamas of Gaza

I read Cal Thomas’ recent column, The Gaza Nazis, in my local newspaper in which he rightly declared, “Hamas, a group designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department, are the Nazis of modern times. Israel is right to pound military targets inside Gaza, but much of the violence Israel brought on itself by giving up land it had to know would be used to reign down death on its civilians. That is always the pattern.”

Thomas speculates on what the new Obama administration will do in regard to the Middle East, “(It) announced it will make a Middle East peace agreement a high priority. It might as well announce plans to defy gravity. Peace can only come once Israel’s enemies are defeated. . .”

What is the solution? Are more concessions, more land for the elusive, fantastical “peace” the answer? No, Thomas offers a suggested goal for the new U.S. Administration, “Not “peace” per se . . . Israel’s goal should be peace through strength. The U.S. should commit to building up Israel, militarily and diplomatically, as a deterrent to Israel’s enemies, many of whom also hate and wish to destroy America.”

I agree with Thomas that any more concessions on the part of Israel would be foolish. President Bush’s Road Map to Peace plan was an abject failure and harmful to both the United States and to Israel. If the new U.S. Administration pursues it or something similar, it, too, will fail.

But to reach a long-term solution to the problem I think that establishing a place for the Palestinians to live such as proposed under the Israeli Initiative, The Right Road to Peace plan, which I wrote about earlier should also be part of the solution. The combination of a strong Israel and a permanently settled Palestinian people is the ultimate solution to at least one big portion of the Middle East problem. However, I am not very hopeful or expectant that the new U.S. administration has the backbone or the will to do the right thing in this matter.

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