Friday, January 23, 2009

President Soetoro's Great Escape

Hear Their Cry

The following 60 second YouTube video is a powerful message about life and death. Watch it and send it to your family and friends.

Life: Imagine the Potential - Spot 1

Imagine the many lives that have been wasted (both the innocents murdered and the women having the abortions physically, psychologically and spiritually maimed and scarred) through abortion. Perhaps there were one or more George Washingtons or John Adams or Ronald Reagans. It is not hard to imagine how much greater and blessed America would be if 45+ million babies had not been brutally murdered through this wicked abortion procedure. One thing our economy would not have been in the shambles that it today. There would not have been a "need" or opportunity for the present illegal alien invasion.

Our current President Barry Soetoro (a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama) may never have had the chance to be born if his mother were living today in our increasingly pro-death oriented society.

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