Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lie to Me (TV Show, 2009)

This blog article is not about the Democratic or Republican Party, though both have lied to me as they have regularly lied to all of America. It isn’t even about President Barry Soetoro (a/k/a Barack H. Obama) who has possibly usurped the presidency because he seems to be hiding the facts and proof that he is a natural born citizen of this country. Some contend that he was born in Kenya or relinquished his citizen, if he ever had it, when he lived in Indonesia with his step-father and his mother and attending grade school, where he studied Islam and where there is documented evidence that he was registered as Barry Soetoro. He may have even attended college here in the United States as a foreign exchange student. Cases may be eventually heard in the U.S. Supreme Court regarding this basic qualification. See or

No, “Lie to Me” is a new television show on Fox. It is a one-hour long drama that portrays a crime solver, Dr. Cal Lightman, played by British-born movie actor Tim Roth. This crime solver is different. I do not watch much TV, since my indoor antenna can only pick up one or two local stations. I stumbled across “Lie to Me” on the Internet last week where I occasionally watch episodes of “House” and “Prison Break.”

I watched this show the other day over the Internet on the Fox website. It is scheduled to be on Wednesday evenings. It was interesting and entertaining. It is kind of a cross between “Monk” and “The Profiler.” “The Profiler,” which I watched a have watched a few times, played for a few seasons on NBC. If I recall the star of that show was some type of female psychic, who used her “powers” to solve cases. In this new show the star uses his powers of observation and ability read the body language, emotional and facial expressions to solve crimes.

According to selecttTV magazine, a publication of the Mount Vernon (Ohio) News Jay Bobbin writes, “The science of microexpression fuels “Lie to Me," . . . (which is) based on the work of University of California psychology professor Paul Ekman and premiered last Wednesday.

Bobbin adds, “Noted film star Tim Roth . . . makes his weekly series debut as Dr. Cal; Lightman, a specialist in gleaning information by closely watching a person’s facial and/or body language. His talent is sought by federal and local authorities as well as companies and individuals who hire his agency . . .”

Now, I wonder what Dr. Ekman would say about some of our current politicians and many lawyers. I would be especially interested in what he would say about our current President and Presidents Bush and Clinton!

I may try to catch a few more episodes of this new series, which is a mid season substitute and may or may not have a long-term future. I do think it will be successful.

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