Saturday, January 24, 2009

President Soetoro Exports Abortion, A Question

During his weekly Washington Watch Radio Show, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council interviewed U.S. Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas. Brownback was asked, “Did you find it ironic that the President outlawed the use of so-called torture against terrorists, but that he exported abortion to lands all across the world?”

responded thus, “You would think that people would see the connection to that. We are going pay for people to be killed, but we won’t allow anything of torture . . . I would like for us to start at the stopping of killing and move this on forward . . ."

The president and his comrades are more interested in promoting the cases of Islamic terrorist suspects than they are in protecting the life of the yet innocent unborn? This is a real conundrum.

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  1. There would have been no need to have the Mexico City Policy in the first place if we would stick to the Constitution. NO FOREIGN AID for ANYONE!

    Not even Israel.