Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tebow: A Face of Faith in Football

Photo Finishers ( ran a story on Friday about Florida quarterback Tim Tebow boldly wearing the New Testament verse John 3:16 on his face Thursday night. He led the Gators to the BCS National Championship.

The WND article related that Tebow is an outspoken evangelical Christian who was born to missionary parents in the Philippines.

According to the WND article, "Tebow and his four siblings were home schooled by their parents, but a Florida law allowed him to play football for a public school team. He was named Florida's high school Player of the Year in both his junior and senior seasons and developed a reputation for toughness, finishing a game with a broken leg." Tebow is a good example of the importance of seriously considering all alternatives to government school education for America's children, especially conservative and Christian Americans. The bottom line is that today's schools, in most cases, do not build character, they destroy it. They are diametrically opposed to Biblical principles and the teaching and training that many Christian young persons receive at home and at church.
You can read the entire WND article here.
More and more, I am becoming convinced that one of the root causes of the dire state of our nation, as evidenced by the results of the November election, is due to the loss of a strong Christian witness, to a great degree because of the Marxist indoctrination provided to America's children the last 60 years or so in taxpayer-funded and liberal educational elite-controlled schools. See the Exodus Mandate Project for more information on alternatives to public education.

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