Saturday, January 17, 2009

Abortion is Cold-blooded Murder

Hear Their Cry
Start at Perk Park/Chester Commons, Downtown Cleveland
End at the Wyndham Cleveland Hotel
CLEVELAND, OHIO - In anticipation of the 36th anniversary of the infamous, monstrous, and disastrous Roe v. Wade US Supreme Court decision on January 22nd, downtown Cleveland was the site of the Cleveland's 1st Annual March for Life. Despite the extreme frigid air, hundreds of people walked up 12th Street at noon joining another 40 people already at a downtown hotel for a Pro-Life rally. One woman carried a large sign one sign read "I REGRET MY ABORTION," the other side read:
Have you ever noticed that all those in favor of abortion have already been born? - Ronald Reagan
It was so cold that the pipes burst in the second floor ballroom of the Wyndham just minutes before the marchers arrived at the hotel. That was where the rally was to have been held. Some ceiling tiles and nasty brown water filled the newly remodeled and newly carpeted 2nd floor Ballroom where the Pro-Life speakers where to make their presentations. The room where the rally was relocated was too small to accommodate everyone, but everyone seemed to adjust to the circumstances. Unfortunately, we cannot just sit back and accept the horrendous plans that the new Obama administration and the liberally led Congress has in store for 2009 and beyond. We must resist. This rally showed that there is still some committed individuals even in the heart of a liberal haven like Cleveland, Ohio.

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