Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Personhood Imperative

The Personhood Imperative is a project of America's Independent Party and CAN-DO-USA. Below is a portion of the text of this clear and fundamental statement in defense of life and liberty. Read it and if you agree sign the petition at the website cited at the end of this post.

Abortion is first and foremost a moral issue. It transcends politics. Abortion is an insult to humanity, to our American Christian heritage and history.

Proclamation and Pledge

To become effective January 1, 2009

By the undersigned Citizens of the United States of America:

A Proclamation and Pledge of Non-Cooperation with, and Perpetual Resistance to, the enablers and practitioners of abortion and euthanasia

Whereas, more than three thousand innocent pre-born American children continue to be unlawfully and unconstitutionally killed every day, by cruel and unusual means, and the evil practice of euthanasia against the elderly and the infirm grows daily, the undersigned citizens of these United States do hereby, in accordance with America’s founding principles, declare that:

“All human beings, without exception, unborn and born, from the very first moment of fertilization, the beginning of biological development, until natural death, existing within any State or Territory of the United States, in accordance with natural rights that preceded, and are preeminent to, the formation and existence of our government, are fully Persons, with the self-evident and attendant God-given, unalienable Right to Life that is possessed by all citizens of the United States; and shall henceforth, and forever, be protected in their Lives and in their Persons under the self-evident principles contained in the Organic Law of the United States: the provisions of the Declaration of Independence, the Northwest Ordinance, which binds all state governments to enforce the unalienable rights guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble to the United States Constitution, the specific provisions of the Fifth, the Eighth, the Ninth, and the Fourteenth Amendments to that document, and in the clear provisions of the constitutions of all fifty States in the Union. . .

Read the entire Personhood Imperative, Proclaimation and Pledge and Sign the Petition .at


  1. You speak of freedom, apparently your freedom to make decisions for others.

    You're right, it is not a political consideration.

    the world would be better place if that virgin had chosen freedom.

  2. Dean -

    Thank you for you comment. I do not agree with it, however.

    The freedom of which I write is that of the child in their mother's women. The thing that is forgotten is that there are two unique beings, heartbeats, brains living in a pregnant woman. The baby IS NOT genetic material, but a developing human being.

    It is okay for the murderous abortionsit to choose to kill the baby. Where is the right to life for the innocent baby?