Friday, April 17, 2009

Attack Dog 'Journalism,' Part II

Here is a postscript to the preceding post "Attack Dog 'Journalism," It is an audio conversation between attorney and conservative radio talk show host, and Norm, the 'victim' of the CNN attack dog 'reporter' Susan Roesgen. It sheds further light on the loathsome reporting and one-sided political activism being carried out by much of the opposition media in America today. And they call it reporting the news. LOL

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  1. This from the Constitution Party:

    Tell CNN Bosses Bias Is Bad for Business

    By now you've probably seen the Youtube video of CNN's Susan Roesgen, a reporter who harrassed and goaded attendees at Thursday's Chicago Tea Party.

    Your outrage has caused CNN to shut down Roesgen's email inbox.

    We suggest you now send your emails to CNN Executive Vice President Ken Jautz : and Philip Kent, the Chairman and CEO of CNN:

    Let Susan's boss know you're not going to let off the hook a left-wing activist with a mic who was denouncing a legitimate and honest political movement by hard working Americans. Remind the CNN honchos that there were close to one million attendees at the tea parties.

    "The most trusted name in news"? Hardly.