Friday, April 03, 2009

Budget w h o a s, stopping the runaway federal budget

Fellow blogger Matt posted an article, “Budget Woes” yesterday with a short video of Congressman Ron Paul addressing the U.S. House of Representatives. I was so impressed with the last minute of the 6 minute video that I transcribed it below. I urge you to read that article and listen to Dr. Paul’s speech. The words of Dr. Paul speak for themselves. I surely hope that the pitiful Speaker Pelosi and some of her liberal comrades heard the power and the message of his words.

“. . . We as a people have to decide what the role of government should be. If we think the role of government is going to be, and should be, the policemen of the world, and to run the welfare state, (then) this budget problem will never be solved.

“. . . The greatest danger, I see right now, is the placing of the blame for the crisis we are in is that we have

...too much freedom,
...too much capitalism,
...not enough regulation.

They (the leftist Democrat elites in power) in the (19)30s, they (the leftist Democratic elites in power today) are doing it even MORE now.

“Instead of saying, we

...over regulated.

“We have lost our confidence, and if we don’t change that attitude, and we accept the notion, accept international regulation, believe me we are in big trouble. We’ll lose our freedoms. We’ll lose our sovereignty as well.”

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