Saturday, April 25, 2009

State of the Republican Party Survey 2009

Cartoon by Gary Varvel found at 11/5/08

Michael Steele, Chairman of the National Republican Committee (NRC), sent me a survey to complete regarding what I felt about the current state of the Republican Party. He also mentioned the need for Republicans to stick to “conservative principles of limited government, economic growth, personal responsibility and a strong national defense.” How very interesting, since the GOP in recent years, violated all of these conservative principles.

Here are some examples where the GOP breached their alleged core beliefs and values.
limited government

President Bush and the Republican-led Congress from 2001-2006 expanded the government by passing Medicare Part D (Drug benefit) joining the Democrats in passing ‘No Child Left Behind.’
economic growth

Bush, Paulson and the Democratic Congress pushed for the wasteful TARP funding.

personal responsibility

Bush did little to encourage or to foster personal responsibility. Following 9/11 he did not ask the American people to sacrifice anything for the effort on the War on Terror. He even supported amnesty for illegal aliens. He personally sat on his hands throughout his Presidency regarding border security. Instead he secretly plotted formation of a North American Union (NAU).
national security

The one somewhat positive area was that Bush and Congress built up our weakened military after the Clinton years and after 9/11. However, while they tried hard to guard Afghani and Iraqi borders, they did woefully little to defend our own borders at home from illegal aliens and potential Islamic terrorist infiltrators.


The survey Steele sent to Republican 'faithful' were mostly multiple choice questions. The one open-ended question in the survey, actually opened a Pandora's Box for me. Here is how I answered that question.

What can the Republican Party do to earn and maintain your trust?

Backing true conservatives - social and fiscal - Bush disappointed me greatly, because he spent like a drunken Democrat . . . He USED Christian conservatives to get elected and then only threw them an occasional bone.

He and the GOP in the Senate abused their power - earmarks and preserving power instead of standing firmly on principles.

McCain was an extremely terrible choice for President - he supported amnesty, he was weak on social issues - just like G.W. Bush – only mouthing what the people wanted to hear.

I did not vote for either McCain or Obama. I will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils, which we were presented in the 2008 election.

I will vote for only social and fiscal conservatives in every election. I am very tired of the John McCains, Mike DeWines, George Voinoviches, Arlan Specters, Bob Tafts . . .

The GOP should put out candidates who are strong conservatives both socially and fiscally. It seems like many GOP candidates once elected only work to get re-elected, instead of working for the people and adhering to the principles and promises that got them elected.

I am tired of being used by, and taken for granted by the GOP.

I will be working for and seeking to elect candidates who are conservative regardless of party affiliation.


I sincerely hope that Mr. Steele hears the conservative voices.

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