Friday, April 17, 2009

Attack Dog Journalism, * Updated on 4/19/09

Activist 'Journalism'
Cartoon by Eric Allie as found on 4/16/09

Here is a real demonstration of how extreme the opposition media can get in covering a real news event.
This video was removed by YouTube at the insistence of CNN:

Founding Bloggers re-posted this video when it was removed. 4/19/09:

I found the above video in a story, “What CNN Didn't Show of (Activist ‘Reporter’) Roesgen's Chicago Tea Party Interviews," which I read last night on In that article is a link to the full CNN report of the CNN ‘reporters’ original blatantly biased report. The media has clearly become the mouthpiece or public relations arem of the Democratic Party and the White House and should be treated as such.

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