Saturday, April 11, 2009

Like the 'legalization" of the unethical, immoral, and atrocious practice of abortion, two more states, Iowa and Vermont, made the unconscionable decision to ‘legalize’ the misnomer, same-sex ‘marriage.’ In one case it was the legislature that overrode the Governor's veto, in the other it was another activist judicial renegade who declared wrong to be right.

Hat tip goes to Secular Heretic for posting the video embedded below on his blog,
News. It was there where I first saw the video. The video is a campaign ad advocating traditional and exclusive one-man, one-woman marriage. All other sexual relationships are offensive and are aberrations.


  1. Some of the biggest supporters of this abhorrence - so-called same-sex 'marriage' - are the current President and the Democratic leaders in the 111th Congress and many black robed tyrants. They must be stopped. This education of the general public is a good step . . .

  2. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Why are you people so opposed to people loving each-other and so pro on hate and discrimination, If you are religious , so be it, but don't push your ideals on to people who don't share your view, thats is called being a Fascist, I pay the same amount of taxes you do and there for I deserve the same rights, what is it that you are afraid of? If they are any dark clouds coming and your afraid , they are probably from climate change from all the crap we been throwing on to the environment, because we misunderstood that "God " had made this world for us, there is a nobel cause you can work on, and one that we should be afraid of. Not people loving each other and making sure the ones we love are taking care when we are gone. How are we making this part of your life? and how is your freedom been taken away? Honestly I don't understand, if anything we will have more freedom of being equal, and why is this doctor having to chose between her faith and her job. Who's going to fire her? and for what? and don't worry about us getting married on your church, they are government institution that we can get married in so we don't have to rely on you and your views. and teaching children that gay is ok. Ah let me tell you this: It is ok, I'm a caring loving person that is very proud. What if your child is gay? you know what pain prejudice hatred like the one you promote causes to a child ? you know how many children commit suicide afraid of what people like you think, or they pretend to be straight and marry and cheat on there wife and live a lie like I'm sure you've seen many republican politicians do. WE don't need your hate. we need your love.

  3. Anonymous7:37 PM

    I can't believe how full of hate this is. It is disgusting and I am disgusted at anyone who supports this message. The world around us is changing. Those who are enlightened to the truth will be unstoppable at making sure this Earth has no room for ignorance such as this...


    It is true that we have to love one another. love others as we love ourselves. It is true that this world was made for all humans. But please read the Bible and you who are confused re:your sexuality and why you are here.for is not right for men being with men and women being with women it is not God's Law if we desobey to our creator than what we are looking is for our own ----------- so , please reconsider what path to take because the demons may think they are aware , but God knows every move they make and if He wants to shut them down he will. We are nothing when it comes to our Creator, so the choice is for each and one of us, but choose wisely thats why God gaves us a free will to choose .God bless

  5. listen its not that I am pro on hate.If you have a job and choose to share your benf., health care what ever I agree its your right yes. However choose you own word you want to call it. marriage is taken. I say that in love not to hate anyone. All sin is the same so im not not perfect ot the Judge.

  6. Anonymous4:26 PM

    ...And this is why the US is pretty much a developing country in terms of human rights...