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The Reality Report – April 16, 2009 – Audit the Fed

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Here is a 10 minute hard-driving news program with Gary Franchi, the anchor. The news program covers issues not given much attention in the opposition media (ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, PBS, etc.). I have watched several of the Reality Report Shows and have found them to be very educational, timely and useful. Here is an except from the most recent report. It comments on the recent Tea Parties and also talks about the private Federal Reserve System, which is behind much of the economic problems our nation currently faces.

Audit . . . Abolish the Federal Reserve

“. . . the everyday American . . . works so hard 40 . . . 50 . . . 60 hours a week, chasing the American dream . . . Then you have the taxes, just left and right, taking out of out of our pockets, at the cash register, when you go to buy a home, buy a car, and then when you get your paycheck, when you go to pay a bill . . . it is relentless the amount of taxes each American pays every single day.

“And with taxes on the rise, and the dollar decreasing in value everyday, it is no wonder people are upset.

“And there (are) only a few things we can do to alleviate the pressure. I do believe it is going to come to blows . . . I believe that it is time to end the Federal Reserve System.

“This is very popular and commonly held belief among millions of Americans. (Congressman and former Presidential candidate) Ron Paul, for one, has introduced HR 1207, which would introduce an audit of the Federal Reserve System that has (never) been done. The Federal Reserve (bankers sit) on their throne in their ivory palace, and think they are untouchable. Well, the bill currently has over 58 co-sponsors and its gaining more.

“We need you to get out there and support this bill and also join . . . us April 25, which is just a few days from now. (Many) Americans will go to the Federal Reserve Bank and its branch offices and stand there and declare that enough is enough; that we will not take it anymore bailouts; that we will not stand for them printing of more money. Join . . .millions of Americans, who feel the same way.

“Let’s call for an end of the Federal Reserve. Let’s call to some transparency for the Federal Reserve System. Let’s find out where all the banker dollars are going. Let’s find out where who is really getting the payoffs there.

“It starts with an audit, and it is going to end with an audit, because when the American people see it. The American people will say it is over. The party is over Wall Street . . . “

The Federal Reserve is part of the problem. Signs at the recent TEA Party Protest accross America conducted on Tax Day several were calling for the abolishment of the Fed. There is too much power concentrated in the hands of this cabal.

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