Wednesday, April 01, 2009

G-20 Confab: An April Fools' Joke?

Cartoon by Ed Gamble as found on on 4/1/09

Bill Wilson starts off his Daily Jot article with these ironic words, "Is it no coincidence that the "smartest" men and women in the world would be gathering together to decide the fate of the world's economy on April Fool's day? The leaders of the so-called "G 20" nations are meeting to try to figure out how to bilk the world's most wealthy nations out of their money and redistribute it to third world dictators in the name of various esoteric charities (such as) - - -

* global warming,
* population control,
* sexual and racial diversity,
* economic stimulus,
* weapons control and
* food production

- - - just to name a few. Of course, ostensibly they are meeting to solve the economic crisis, but in their infinite secular humanist wisdom, they believe that by funding the aforementioned concepts, the economy will be fixed . . ."

You can read the rest of Bill's article here.

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